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Each week CaseWorthy, Inc. hosts a live webinar to showcase our product, field questions, and provide information on how CaseWorthy is impacting various human and social service organizations. Our webinar is typically hosted by our sales team though we occasionally feature a client or guest who may be a thought leader in the industry. We invite you to join us each Wednesday for a new webinar (topics vary each week).  Sign up form takes just seconds to complete. 

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CaseWorthy News

CaseWorthy Exhibiting at upcoming NAEH and NACo Conferences

National Conference to End Homelessness (NAEH) – Washington, DC July 17-20

CaseWorthy, Inc., is excited to be joining more than 2,000 service providers, government leaders, advocates, and consumers who will come together on innovative solutions to homelessness at the upcoming NAEH Conference in Washington DC, July 17-20th.  CaseWorthy has a unique solution to the HMIS market and will be sharing their latest technology on helping non-profit organizations not only stay compliant but streamline their case management needs.

National Association of Counties (NACo) Annual Conference – Franklin County, Ohio July 21-24

CaseWorthy is also looking forward to exhibiting at the upcoming NACo Annual Conference in Franklin County, Ohio, July 21st-24th.  CaseWorthy is committed to supporting our customers in local governments, including city, county, and state-wide institutions. We offer industry-leading technology, expertise, and professional services to transform Governmental Agencies and give them a community-wide solution.

CaseWorthy provides one-of-a-kind software that automates and simplifies the data management and funder compliance processes so Health and Human Service (HHS) organizations can prove their social impact in the communities they serve. 

INPEACE chooses CaseWorthy as their Advanced Case Management Software Provider

Kapolei, HI:  INPEACE, the Institute for Native Pacific Education and Culture, has recently selected CaseWorthy™ as their Advanced Case Management Software solution to help them in their mission of self-sustainability for Native Hawaiian children and their families through education and community partnerships.  CaseWorthy, Inc. will provide the Outcomes-focused data platform so they can provide the evidence of impact for each of the services provided by the programs they offer:

  • Outreach & Recruitment
  • Parents as Teachers
  • Parent Participation Preschool
  • Kindergarten Transition
  • Cultural Education
  • Post-Secondary Education Support
  • Financial Capabilities
  • Entrepreneurship Development

            “We are very excited to have CaseWorthy in place as a tool that enables us to tell our story through data and outcomes.  We selected CaseWorthy because they demonstrated the ability to, not only collect data and produce service numbers, but provide the tools to allow us to perform a deeper analysis of our data to help us refine our approaches, and discover the true impact and positive changes that we are making in the lives of the families we serve.”
                                                                                       – Maile Keliipio-Acoba, VP of Programs 


At INPEACE, our goal is to empower the community.  Our mission is to improve the quality of life for Native Hawaiians through community partnerships that provide educational opportunities and promote self-sufficiency.  Central to our commitment is the preservation and promotion of our culture and heritage through education.

About CaseWorthy, Inc.:

CaseWorthy™ is an Outcomes-focused, Organization-wide, Advanced Case Management software solution for Nonprofits and Health and Human/Social Services (HHS) agencies that automates and simplifies the data management and funder compliance process so agencies can prove their evidence of social impact in the communities they serve.


About CaseWorthy

CaseWorthy, Inc. is a leading provider of Social Services Technology to include software expertise, and turnkey implementation services. As the developer of the CaseWorthy application, our goal is to support and enable Health and Human Service (HHS) organizations to realize their missions of creating stronger and healthier people, families, and communities. We have made it our business to understand the inherent challenges facing HHS agencies and to provide the technology, expertise and acumen, and support that will empower our clients to overcome those challenges and fulfill their missions of making a positive impact in their communities.

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