CaseWorthy introduces our Volunteer Management capability

The goal of Non-Profit agencies is to provide services to more clients with less funding, a true dilemma!

Organizations offering programs in the Health and Human Services industry are constantly trying to deliver quality services with ever shrinking budgets.  Tighter budgets coupled with expanding client needs have forced organizations to reinvent themselves in ways they never thought possible.  One trend is to expand the volunteer base to fill that gap.  This approach is expanding nationwide and putting an entirely different set of regulatory requirements on Organizations. Volunteers are providing services for Organizations that were never planned for in the overall vision.

CaseWorthy, Inc. is pleased to introduce our Volunteer Management capability utilizing the outfacing portal.  This approach allows for a significant reduction of internal management of growing the Volunteer base.  New volunteer intakes are provided via the Web.  Internal approvals with outgoing emails for acceptance is supported.  Volunteers can sign up for events and manage time all through the portal.  Volunteers with mandated community services hours from the court are provided for with court reporting as necessary.  All this capability – and only minor impacts to the existing staff.

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CaseWorthy Keeping up with Compliance Reporting Outcomes!

Outcomes are critical for many human service organizations. There is enormous pressure for nonprofits agencies to show outcomes to funders – this involves collecting and maintaining data, and also to generating specific compliance reports to secure funding on an annual, or even quarterly basis. The complexity of these reports are making it imperative that software solutions manage data and provide output in specific ways.

CaseWorthy specializes in compliance reporting for nonprofit organizations. Our clients, which include HMIS organizations, CAP agencies, Catholic Charities, Goodwill Organizations, and local government agencies all require compliance reports. Each year when compliance needs change, our system is updated to address the new data requirements. The Caseworthy development team is continually working to stay ahead of the data capturing, eligibility rules, and compliance reporting requirements in each sector of the nonprofit market we serve. We include many of our clients on a compliance advisory committee to ensure we deliver the right solutions at the right time.

During the first half of 2015, CaseWorthy completed updates to many of our compliance reports, including CC USA, ASR, CSBS and APR to name a few.  Moving forward, nonprofits that partner with CaseWorthy can be sure CaseWorthy compliance reports are current with the latest standards and ready to help organizations showcase outcomes to decision makers.

CaseWorthy partners with Institute of Human Services located in Hawaii

CaseWorthy, Inc. is pleased to provide an update with our customer, The Institute of Human Services located in Hawaii following their post-implementation and “Go-Live” with our outcomes focused, case management software application in June 2015. The Institute for Human Services, Inc., is a comprehensive Health and Human Services (HHS) agency working to prevent and end homelessness in Hawaii.  

IHS Executive Director Connie Mitchell says, “We just launched with CaseWorthy and it has been extremely well received by our staff.  It has saved us a lot of time so far, as we use to double enter a lot of our clients information as they moved from one program to another.  As we move forward with CaseWorthy, we can see that the new database will allow us to integrate our programs even more.  We have appreciated CaseWorthy’s excellent customer service, especially their can-do attitude and their responsiveness.”




CaseWorthy, Inc. partnered with IHS to provide best-of-breed industry technology to help streamline IHS’s intra/inter-agency efficiencies and collaborations as it pertains to tracking and measuring their programs’ activities / outcomes.  Through the partnership, IHS will now be able to provide quantitative proof of their social impact to their stakeholders.

CaseWorthy introduces Web Portal Enhancements

CaseWorthy, Inc. is pleased to announce continued enhancements to its web portal offering. Though similar technology has been available for other industries for the last couple of years, CaseWorthy has developed this functionality to deliver a broad spectrum of needs. This approach is critical for organizations in the Health and Human Services (HHS) market. All of this capability is delivered with the CaseWorthy™ client apBuilder™ tools that make it very flexible for any organization using its case management platform.

The web portal, which is designed to save organizations time and money, allows intakes to be completed by clients, case workers, employees, or volunteers, on location, or in most instances, anywhere internet access is available. Other methods allow organizations to provide a kiosk arrangement, where clients can pre-enter information rather than wait in long lines for services. This also serves as a methodology for clients that have no other means to access computers. Ultimately, the web portal provides a way to interact and gather data that would normally require a face-to-face meeting. Scott Argeris, president of CaseWorthy says, “Though the recent updates to the web portal may seem subtle, these new enhancements streamline the technology and provide a better, more intuitive user interface. It’s part of our commitment to continually improve our software technology and we believe these enhancements will allow many more of our clients to take advantage of the CaseWorthy™ web portal.”