Case Study: Community Council of St. Charles County

This holiday week we are grateful for one of our newer clients: Community Council of St. Charles County. They have been great supporters of CaseWorhty™ as our case management software has exceeded all of their expectations. We are grateful for all they do in their community and that CaseWorthy has been able to make it easier to serve those in need.

Dottie Kastigar, Fragile Families Initiative at the Community Council of St. Charles County stated, “CaseWorthy is a state-of-the-art, HMIS compliant case management information sharing system that is giving our community partner agencies new tools to professionalize human service delivery. In addition to meeting compliance requirements for federal, state and local fund reporting. CaseWorthy has easily customizable processes to track client outcomes. Our Community integrated shared intake and assessment tools for our partner agencies immediately after “going live” on the system.”

Click here to read our new case study on the Community Council of St. Charles County.

CaseWorthy joins Michelle Obama in congratulating Lancaster County in ending veteran homelessness!

CaseWorthy, Inc. continues to support all of our clients that help in the effort to end veteran homelessness in the United States. We join with Michelle Obama in congratulating our clients Lancaster County Coalition to End Homelessness for their efforts in ending veteran homelessness. We hope all will continue to support and help this great cause.

Watch Michelle Obama’s video here:

CaseWorthy leading the way in Customer Service!

Over and over again we are hearing from our clients that our customer service is one of the best in the industry.

“We love working with CaseWorthy, Inc. They are patient, responsive and very knowledgeable, as well as very positive. They went as fast or as slow as we needed,” stated Mary Hutchison, Executive Director of Community Council of St. Charles County.

“They are so responsive when I call and they are fast. They have top notch customer service at CaseWorthy!” exclaims Jane Burchesky at Catholic Charities of Boston

Connie Mitchell, Executive Director of Institute of Human Services, said, “We have appreciated CaseWorthy’s excellent customer service, especially their can-do attitude and their responsiveness.”

Mike Hagmaier says, “There is no help desk to have to work through. I can just call or email the person I need to talk to and get my answers that easily.”

“CaseWorthy Inc. customer service is very responsive, every single time!” says John Morarie of Denver Rescue Mission.

CaseWorthy, Inc. takes a great amount of pride in delivering world-class Customer Service. Each reported issue is tracked, updated and resolved in the most professional manner.   We are grateful for our clients and our goal is to continue to meet their needs as expediently as possible!