CaseWorthy™, the Key to Managing your Data and Outcomes

Nonprofit organizations (NPOs) are being required to track, monitor and provide outcome measurements to funders and stakeholders. This requirement may be dependent upon an NPO’s ability to seek out new funding opportunities and maintain existing funds. In a resource-restricted environment, it is more imperative these days that NPOs invest in a case management tool to meet these regulatory demands. This article provides insight into why even small NPOs must place a greater emphasis on outcomes measurement, reporting, and transparency. The article offers great information on the needs and challenges of performance management. CaseWorthy, Inc., (CaseWorthy) has many customers that have now worked through this and are currently demonstrating their impact to donors and the community. CaseWorthy provides a premier state of the art tool for demonstrating positive performance and satisfying compliance and requirements.

In the article, How Non-Profits can Measure Outcomes and Why They Should, Ken Berger, former President and CEO of Charity Navigator, sums up the hopes of all of us that nonprofits can and will become more accountable: “Dr. Penna and I both share a dream that, thanks to these tools, someday the most effective and efficient nonprofits will get the vast majority of investment in the time and treasure of our society….Stories are important, but without data to back them up, they are largely meaningless in the bigger picture of changing our world for the better.”

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CaseWorthy, Inc., successfully completes proof of concept phase with Communities In Schools National Office

The CaseWorthy™ Solution:

CaseWorthy, Inc., is pleased to announce that we have been selected as the vendor of choice by Communities In Schools (CIS).  Following a rigorous seven-month selection and review process, this implementation will provide the foundation for all CIS affiliates in the foreseeable future.  The nation-wide implementation is being rolled out in three phases: Proof of Concept, Pilot (500 Users), and Nation-Wide Deployment (2,500 Users).  With the successful completion of the Proof of Concept phase behind us, we are entering the Pilot phase which represents a one year, 500 user test of the newly configured solution.  The initial rollout has exceeded everyone’s expectations.

The versatile CaseWorthy™ platform, delivered nation-wide from a singular database, allows for the following unique functions:

  • Real-Time Nation-Wide Reporting
  • Minimal Training Required through the use of Role-Based Menus, Dashboards, and Comprehensive Workflow Processes
  • Bottom-Up Client Data Security Controls
  • Configuration apBuilder™ Toolset at the Affiliate level allows for localized growth and customization (Not your typical Compliance System)
  • Comprehensive National Referral Network
  • Automated Service Suggestion based on Needs Assessments Scores
  • Affordable Growth utilizing the CaseWorthy Site-License Model

CaseWorthy, Inc., is grateful to be working with CIS, a well-respected community leader, and we look forward to the cooperative success of each phase all the way to full deployment. Continue reading “CaseWorthy, Inc., successfully completes proof of concept phase with Communities In Schools National Office”

Market Trend – Measuring Outcomes and Social Impact

The Nonprofit, Health and Human Services (HHS) and Social Services industry is evolving rapidly in how its organizations measure the success of their various programs and services.  In the past, measurements were typically based on how many services were provided or the number of days in a program, etc. Basically, counting activities.  This legacy approach of only determining “how many” is simply that; how many were served based on programs or demographic data.  We find more and more agencies moving toward a model that measures program or organization performance based on outcomes.  A colleague of mine makes the following elevator pitch… “Move from how many to how well.”  Organizations are beginning to identify annually the desired outcomes for programs and monitor actual results reflecting true social impact.

The demands to measure “how well” and for agencies to be more outcome-based are likely a result of the maturity level of program managers, staff, funders, executives and board members.   Funders are asking for both services provided and more outcome-based reporting.  Today’s Board Members are more seasoned and corporate America as baby boomers are starting to have a much bigger impact on data requirements.  These requirements are resulting in legacy systems being replaced with broad, more customizable database solutions that focus on the quality of Case Management Systems and outcomes, resulting in more qualitative and quantitative reporting systems.    

At CaseWorthy, Inc., we provide an outcome focused, enterprise-wide framework of application solutions, configuration, and customization tools, and a powerful reporting and analytics framework.  The enterprise-wide solution allows organizations to easily budget and record services and outcomes based upon data collected throughout their daily work.  Reminders, Configurable Alerts, and Ad-hoc and Scheduled Reporting allow organizations to have timely, current information on the status of their budgeted and actual projections.  Displaying the data in charts and graphs with drill-down capabilities provides the graphical and visual information needed to make informed strategic decisions.

-Brian Bingel, Chief Executive Officer

CaseWorthy, Inc., Employees Bring Years of Experience to the Human Service Industry!

Many employees at CaseWorthy, Inc., have experience working in the human service organizations we serve.  Their experience has helped CaseWorthy, Inc., become the leader in the human service case management sector.  With their knowledge and experience, they have truly helped develop a case management system that meets the specific demands of serving those in need in our communities.

One, in particular, is our Senior Sales Executive, Sam Coy, who has worked with nonprofit organizations for over 13 years. She has brought awareness and in-depth knowledge to the nonprofit sector in organizational outcomes tracking and impact demonstration through her education and personal experiences. Her hometown of Worcester, Massachusetts, has recognized her accomplishments and dedication of the last 10 years to her New England Community where she continues to make a difference today. Read part of Sam’s story here:

Sam’s experience and the experience of other employees at CaseWorthy enables us to continue to help organizations meet their needs through our outcomes-focused, organization-wide, advanced case management software solution for Nonprofits and Health and Human/Social Services (HHS) agencies.  To learn more about CaseWorthy™ please call (877) 347-0877 to speak with a CaseWorthy, Inc., representative or visit us at