Community Options Partners with CaseWorthy, Inc.

Bismarck, ND: Community Options recently selected CaseWorthy, Inc. as their comprehensive, Advanced Case Management database solution for their multitude of Outcomes-Focused, Employment programs and services. Community Options addresses its mission through a variety of support to people with and without disabilities.

About Community Options:

Community Options is a human service agency with a mission to help people live and work in their communities. Community Options is dedicated to support people, through individual choice, to live a lifestyle which gives dignity and respect. Community Options was founded on the belief in providing person-centered services directed by individuals and their families. With expanded services statewide, Community Options provides a variety of programs to people, with and without disabilities.

Our continued commitment is to partner with each individual, their family or guardian, friends, neighbors, co-workers, professionals and employers to attain their desired outcomes and goals. The success of Community Options depends on the satisfaction of the people we serve and the realization of their dreams and goals.

Case Study – Lancaster County Coalition to End Homelessness launches Community-Wide Solution

With the help of our partners in Lancaster County, CaseWorthy has created a comprehensive community-wide solution which allows for sharing of data, single system entry, and full configuration toolset access at the individual organization level, without interrupting any other partner on the system.

“As I met with CaseWorthy, they had the same vision as we did. I really had a grand scheme of ‘wouldn’t it be great if we could connect all these different services together to help those in need.’ CaseWorthy had the solution to help us make this happen. We knew it wouldn’t be easy and would take a lot of work on both sides but we knew it would be a huge benefit to all.”

“The big question we always have is, did our homelessness effort really have an impact? CaseWorthy™ has allowed us to figure out if we actually had an impact. This has been the most exciting piece in our business social exchange,”

                                                            -Jennifer Koppel, Executive Director of LCCEH

Read Lancaster County’s journey in their new case study here.

Top 5 Head Start / Early Head Start data collection features in CaseWorthy™

CaseWorthy’s new comprehensive functionality for Head Start / Early Head Start Programs are a multi-agency solution. CaseWorthy promotes community-wide collaboration and strengthens partnerships within child and family services organizations such as Head Start / Early Head Start by allowing the various providers, funders, and community organizations to share information appropriately and safely in a format that is flexible, secure, and easy to use.

Funding for Head Start / Early Head Start programs (including some ECE/ECI curriculum) supports services for birth to 5 or 6 year old children by providing preschool programs, health and nutrition services, parenting assistance, and family support.  The CaseWorthy Head Start and Early Head Start Advanced Case Management functionality has made it much easier for agencies to not only track daily program and service activity, but also report the Outcomes directly related to these program and service activities via the Program Information Report (PIR) and other easy to create Ad-Hoc reports. 

The Top 5 Features of CaseWorthy Head Start / Early Head Start functionality are:

  • Automatic Email and/or Text Alert notifications for upcoming assessments and appointments
  • Check-In and Check-Out of preschool services
  • Advanced Case Notes including Electronic Signatures, Document Management and Auto-Calculations and Auto-Scoring within assessments and program forms
  • IEPs and IFSPs tracked easily in CaseWorthy™
  • Program Information Report (PIR) Compliance Reporting with detailed monitoring drill downs

CaseWorthy is able to capture all of the mission-critical data that your Head Start /Early Head Start programs need such as medical screenings, allergies, medications, immunizations, and chronic conditions. You can also embed automatic Calendar/Scheduling tools to notify your case managers of follow-up assessments and appointments.  CaseWorthy allows all your information to be found in one place and produces your outcomes automatically.

To learn more about our Head Start / Early Head Start Advanced Case Management functionality, or any of our other comprehensive nonprofit, HHS, Government or funder Advanced Case Management functionality, call a Live CaseWorthy representative at 877.347.0877.