CaseWorthy’s Goodwill configuration makes case management a breeze.

Goodwill Industries International and CaseWorthy Nonprofit Solutions are proud to introduce an exclusively designed case management platform for Goodwill organizations in the United States and Canada! Goodwill’s primary focus is on helping people find reliable employment and sustainable income so they can succeed, regardless of background, health concerns, or socioeconomic status. 

At CaseWorthy, we partnered with Goodwill organizations and, in particular, Goodwill of North Georgia in 2014 to answer one critical question: how can we better serve clients who are in need of jobs?

To find the answer, we began working closely with their teams to tailor a custom case management platform for Goodwill. Though our relationship started with just one Goodwill, over time, CaseWorthy began to team up with more branches. We developed partnerships with more than 20 Goodwills across the nation, learning about them and what we could do to help them. Together, our teams created a new way for Goodwill employees and case managers to connect with their communities, provide job skills training, and help match people with jobs that fit their needs, goals, and interests. As we began supporting more Goodwill organizations, Goodwill International took note. CaseWorthy and Goodwill teams continued to collaborate, refining what would eventually become a uniquely configured subset of CaseWorthy—Goodwill International’s preferred case management solution for data management and reporting.

A powerful case management platform for Goodwill.

CaseWorthy is a proprietary case management platform for Goodwill Industries International (GII). It’s built to break down barriers between Goodwill and its clients and between clients and employment. Our partnership with Goodwill over the past several years has allowed us to craft this solution—a subset of CaseWorthy, curated just for Goodwill. CaseWorthy’s case management software for Goodwill is designed to cut down on wait times, streamline workflows, and automate as many processes as possible to optimize performance and productivity. And as an added bonus, this partnership allows Goodwills to receive preferred pricing.

Social worker for Goodwill that uses CaseWorthy

CaseWorthy features state-of-the-art technology that puts clients in touch with Goodwill case managers and puts jobs within clients’ grasp.

Goodwill needed a robust and configurable case management software solution, which is exactly what CaseWorthy provides. CaseWorthy case management software features automated workflows, simplified reporting features complete with prebuilt templates, communication features, a client Portal, and so much more. With CaseWorthy, Goodwill case managers will be able to:

Quickly and easily perform client intakes, even online:

CaseWorthy provides one centralized location for clients to complete their intakes. Clients can fill out forms, request transportation or childcare, apply for programs, and so much more all within the CaseWorthy Platform. That way, clients and case managers can save time and reduce the need for in-person visits that may otherwise hold back a client. New clients will have easy, instant, 24/7 access to Goodwill’s online intake and skills assessment services, including self-registration, resume-building tools, video tutorials, and much more.

Connect with employers:

Goodwill case managers can assist clients with finding jobs and can communicate with businesses that need workers. These businesses can find qualified candidates, post job openings, and schedule interviews through Goodwill.

Build programs with ease:

CaseWorthy makes it easier than ever for case managers to build unique programs for clients from scratch, or with automated workflows. Case managers can pull up client data, including initial intakes and other assessments, to put together an action plan for a client. CaseWorthy can help case managers assign job skills classes, coordinate necessary services, and make adjustments as clients progress through their program. 

Track and report data:

Clients and their program outcomes generate lots of data that needs to be reported throughout Goodwill Industries International and meet all GII compliance standards including the Goodwill Mission Measures reports. CaseWorthy designed this case management platform for Goodwill to track demographic, economic, and other background data in order to better serve clients.

Securely manage programs and cases:

CaseWorthy is secure and compliant so you can rest easy. Keeping client and employer data safe and confidential is key to ensuring positive outcomes and high success rates in Goodwill programs.

CaseWorthy's case management platform for Goodwill Industries International

CaseWorthy can work for your Goodwill!

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