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Goodwill of North Georgia Expanded Career Services

As Goodwill of North Georgia’s primary goal was to find people employment, they were dealing with thousands of people coming to their career centers every year to develop skills, get trained and find employment. But their existing paper system was not meeting the high demand that they were receiving. They struggled meeting the needs of all those who walked into their career centers. Everything was done on paper and valuable information was lost as staffers had to manually enter it. As soon as it was entered it was out of date as their clients continued to receive training, find jobs and further their career goals. They started thinking there had to be a better way and knew that a virtual career center would solve a lot their problems and change the career community as a whole.

About Goodwill No. Georgia

Goodwill of North Georgia is one of the largest Goodwills in America with over 2,700 employees,serving more than 70,000 people annually including more than 2,000 individuals in workforce development programs for people with disabilities and other significant barriers to employment, with 85% placement rates.

Programs Offered
  • Career Center
  • CareerConnector Web Portal
  • Donation Center
  • Job Training
  • Job Placement
  • Retail store

How We Helped

Career Center Web Portal

CaseWorthy’s web portal’s powerful technology allows organizations to collaborate directly with clients. The portal saves organizations time and money as intakes can be done online or through kiosks by caseworkers, volunteers, or even clients who can pre-enter information rather than wait in line for services. Goodwill of North Georgia calls their web portal, Career Connector, which is an online tool to help you find your next job that includes a job board, training modules and other resources. Some key features of the web portal are:

  • Client Self-Intake
  • Skill Assessments and Quizzes
  • Career Planning
  • Resume Builder
  • Job Board w/ Automated Job Matching
  • Learning modules with video
  • Activity Tracker
  • Community Resources
  • Live Chat with Career Coaches
Web Based Analytics and Reporting

CaseWorthy™ is an outcomes-focused case management software. The information is right in front of those who need and use it the most. Web based analytics are quick to access and easy to learn and use. Managers can easily create custom reports and filter the exact information they need to prove their outcomes. CaseWorthy™ allows data to be exported, or users can create a number of charts and graphs. Allowing instant outcomes measurements!

Adding New Features

Goodwill of North Georgia has been beyond happy with their selection of CaseWorthy, Inc., to provide a case management system to their diverse organization. They are actively using the more advanced features of the CaseWorthy™ product and continue to work with CaseWorthy to implement new features to the Career Connector Web portal. The organization is impressed with the amount and quality of customer service and the teamwork that CaseWorthy provides to their organization.

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