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Don’t miss this year’s National Association of Counties (NACo) Conference in Las Vegas on July 12-15. County leaders from across the country will come together to shape federal policy, share best practices, and strengthen knowledge networks with the goal of improving residents’ lives and the efficiency of county government.

CaseWorthy will be there, too, so be sure to stop by booth #634 and say hi! Learn how you can reduce time-consuming paperwork and be even more effective in the work you do every day. And, ultimately help more people.

Find out how CaseWorthy can help you:

  • Track and report on outcomes
  • Demonstrate your impact to funders, clients and the community
  • Streamline your services
  • Monitor staff performance
  • And more – all in a single solution!

Hope to see you there!

Never Miss a Step with CaseWorthy’s New Checklists Feature!

This exciting new case management feature helps you pinpoint and keep track of all the information that needs to be collected before a process is “complete.” Brian Bingel, Chief Executive Officer of CaseWorthy explains, “Checklists are a way for us to identify all the things that need to happen within a defined process.”

For example, with the CaseWorthy application, you can set up approval checklists that basically say if you’re going to approve this funding transaction, you first need to review the service request, case notes, program eligibility, and income assessments. Once each of the items on the list is reviewed, the transaction can be approved.

A date and time stamp verifies that each step in the process was completed and by whom. Validation control ensures all requirements are completed before moving to the next step in any workflow. If an item is missing or incomplete – such as an expired driver’s license – the system lets you know and that checklist isn’t completed until you’ve attached the updated information.

You can also set up checklists to help keep tabs on everything that needs to be gathered for program eligibility, including verification of citizenship, proof of address, and any other required documentation. As these items are scanned into the system, the list automatically updates in real-time, showing these tasks have been completed.

Although CaseWorthy’s baseline software includes approval and program checklists, you have the option to add checklists to anything you need – incident reports, intakes, program exits.

These handy, automated lists are a smart way to make sure you’re not missing any important information, while simplifying your daily work processes. You can always see where you are throughout any process – what’s been accomplished so far and the information that still needs to be gathered. If an application is hung up somewhere along the line, you’re able to see exactly where it is and what needs to happen to get back on track.

To learn more about Checklists, or any other CaseWorthy feature, please contact us at 877-347-0877.

Learn How You Can Help More People After a Disaster

Recovering after a colossal disaster is a long road for the thousands whose lives are disrupted. For many, just getting to the right place to apply for assistance can be a major obstacle.

Please join us as we walk through how our clients are managing their application and referral processes, ensuring access to impacted residents and supporting staff in their daily efforts.

In this webinar we will show how CaseWorthy is being utilized to:

  • Support staff in effectively serving more people
  • Determine a client’s eligibility for multiple programs
  • Track and Share important data – gift cards, shelter occupancy, fund balances, and disbursements 
  • Process service requests, approvals, and award funds
  • Compile data for compliance, program performance and other reporting requirements 
  • Streamline management of programs and contractors

Join our webinar on June 20th at 10 AM MT to see it in action!

CAP Lancaster County Teams Up with CaseWorthy to Help Families Out of Poverty

A troubling 12.3 percent of people in Lancaster County, PA scramble every day to meet basic needs like having enough food to eat or a warm place to sleep. That number’s even higher in Lancaster City – 29.3 percent.

Yet, “poverty is more than the numbers that prove it,” Beverly Gologorsky points out. “For those Americans who are just one paycheck, one sick child, one broken-down car away from falling into its abyss, poverty lasts forever.”¹

Community Action Partnership (CAP) of Lancaster County understands that poverty is complex and its contributing factors vary. As the county’s largest anti-poverty non-profit, CAP provides a number of programs and services to help those who need it, from Child Care and Domestic Violence Services to Senior Centers and Utility Assistance.

Yet, the data being collected from all of the different programs lived in separate databases, making it virtually impossible to get a true picture of every client. Since a profile was created for each program a client enrolled in, that often meant duplicate profiles for one person across the community.

CAP needed a one-stop solution for collecting, analyzing, and reporting on important data. So it joined forces with CaseWorthy. “We didn’t want our customers to have to create their profiles in different databases ten times and tell their stories ten times, explains Sheldon Kepiro, Director of Information Technology for CAP of Lancaster. “[With CaseWorthy] it’s all there in one system, a customer does an intake once and then builds upon that profile at the next program they visit rather than starting from the beginning again.”

Now, that program and client information is gathered and stored in a single database, there’s less duplication of records. CAP and its partner organizations can easily track program usage and outcomes in the CaseWorthy database. Tracking and reporting for CSBG, PIR, and other reports is easier because the data is right there. Case workers have secure, anytime access to important info, which in turn, boosts efficiency across the board for all participating agencies. Thanks to these streamlined processes, low-income residents are able to connect to needed services more easily for the help they need. In the 21stCentury, we shouldn’t settle for decades-old service models that leave people unserved, under-served, or, worst of all, worse off than when they reached out to us.  We can do better.  County-Wide CaseWorthy is just one tool to help us build a 21stCentury model of care for Lancaster County.

Source citation:
¹Gologorsky, Beverly. “What Does Poverty Feel Like in America?” Salon Media Group, Inc. June 6, 2018.

Helping you treat the whole person!

Our advanced case management solution is changing how FQHCs serve communities. CaseWorthy is the perfect social technology which compliments your current EMR System by not only tracking patient’s medical history but looking at the social vulnerability that impact your patient’s health. By building a more inclusive model with community partners, you can see your patients heal faster—saving you time and money. With CaseWorthy you can see a complete picture of your patients with 360° dashboard, streamline your centralized intake, share forms and increase efficiency.

Click here to learn all that CaseWorthy can do for your Federally Qualified Health Center!

CaseWorthy Introduces New Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Robust and powerful software platforms are worthless without a simple user interface. Complex menus, cluttered tabs, and bad interface design hinders efficiency, training and frustrates case workers, managers, and volunteers. Unlike many solutions in the human services marketplace, CaseWorthy has been designed from the ground up with usability in mind. The new CaseWorthy GUI (graphical user interface) is a huge step forward for any organization in the human services realm. CaseWorthy utilizes the single page application (SPA) also known as single-page interface (SPI) meaning that any single web page will adjust to any device that you are using automatically. 


The CaseWorthy technology supports all desktops including and provides a fluid user experience akin to a desktop application. It also supports Safari, Internet Explorer, and Chrome browsers for tablet and phone devices. To further enhance response times CaseWorthy uses a responsive Web Design (RWD) designed for optimal viewing on any device. This provides a fluid, proportion-based grid, flexible images and CSS3 media.

In a world where we have Laptops, Tablets, Mobile phones we need our information to adjust to all platforms and CaseWorthy does this seamlessly. The results are an interface which improves the experience for any case worker, manager, administrator or volunteer.

CaseWorthy Launches HUD Housing First Capabilities with HMIS

As HUD continues to change and update the requirements for HMIS, software providers have been scrambling to adapt. Throughout 2014, HUD made very clear they want all participating COC’s to offer a “Housing First” program within their respective geographic areas. The obstacles to automate this capability have been placed squarely on the HMIS software solution providers. However, many software vendors and HMIS solution providers run their system on legacy technology platforms that require coding changes and significant time and resources to modify. For some, it’s been a daunting task to keep up with these latest HUD requirements.

Enter CaseWorthy, our platform is engineered to quickly adapt to change, without time consuming and expensive coding modifications. With the new HUD Housing First requirements, we released a Graphical Housing Solution that not only fulfills the HUD requirements, but provides for all the nuances that typically arise within community that an organization may need.  Providers have the capability to design the layout of floor plans for standard, seasonal and overflow needs.  Within those layouts grant requirements that limit specific individuals (i.e. Women only shelter, age, Handicap assessable, Electrical capability…..) will also define the shelter offerings.  In addition, the CaseWorthy solution allows Providers to indicate how many Housing First beds they are willing to put into the community pool.  This capability permits Providers to adhere to their original mission and still be a community participant.  CaseWorthy will also look across the available inventory, then specific shelter admission requirements and present a list of shelters with availability in real time graphical displays by distance from the current location.  With a simple mouse click a reservation can be made and email notification will be sent.

CaseWorthy’s sophisticated yet simple to use solution is one of the first if not the very first HMIS solution to handle these requirements.  We look forward to the opportunity to show you just how flexible CaseWorthy addresses this need and other community HMIS requirements.

CaseWorthy Inc. Launches Version 5.0

CaseWorthy, Inc. is pleased to announce it has launched version 5.0 of its case management software. “It’s a game changer” boasts Company President Scott T. Argeris. “The new front-end was designed from the ground up by some of the leading software developers in our industry. Over 18-months in the making, CaseWorthy 5.0 was designed to exceed Web based software standards in the market today.”

The newest version of CaseWorthy features a new contemporary interface that resembles many of the leading social media sites. The software also uses a Single Page Application (SPA) technique that provides a more fluid end-user experience and enables the software to overcome common web-based performance issues to run more like a desktop application. “We’re confident this version of CaseWorthy is leaps-and-bounds ahead of anything in the market today” says company CEO and Chief Software Architect Brian Bingel. “The software infrastructure of CaseWorthy 5.0 allows communication to the web server with the ability to re-draw any part of the user interface without roundtrips to retrieve HTML. This combined with the responsive web design (RWD) allows CaseWorthy to render seamlessly on any mobile device – including laptops, tablets and mobile phones.”


CaseWorthy’s leadership team emphasizes that this new version of their premier case management software will enable clients to more easily train staff resulting in ease of use for daily activities. “Organizations using this software are going to save time and money and ultimately be able to serve their clients better” concludes President Scott Argeris.

CaseWorthy, Inc. is a leading provider of Social Services Technology to include software expertise, and turnkey implementation services. As the developer of the CaseWorthy application, CaseWorthy’s goal is to support and enable Health and Human Service (HHS) organizations to realize their missions of creating stronger and healthier people, families, and communities. The company recently launched a new website which can be found at

CaseWorthy Features HUD 2014 Compliance Data Standards

CaseWorthy would like to announce the successful transition of all HMIS clients to the new HUD 2014 compliance data standards. As a software provider in the Health and Human Social Services market, CaseWorthy believes one of the most important functions they can offer any client is fully compliant software for any vertical market with which they offer a software solution. Human service organizations and nonprofits can count on CaseWorthy to deliver these requirements timely and with little disruption to their daily activities.

CaseWorthy has successfully migrated all of HMIS clients to the 4.4 release that contains the required data fields and current published re-posting standard. This was a significant undertaking not only with the software changes ad updates, but additionally with the migration of client systems to this new release. CaseWorthy President Scott Argeris remarks “We are so pleased with the coordinated effort between the CaseWorthy migration team and our close relationship with our clients. It take two sides to make this transition work.” The CaseWorthy HMIS solution has been implemented and upgraded in organizations and agencies throughout the United States.

CaseWorthy Releases Automated Job Match Functionality

CaseWorthy has just released new job matching functionality into its software that enables organizations to automate various processes relating to job order data, client data, and job openings. “This new functionality is extraordinarily helpful to organizations that use CaseWorthy for workforce development and job matching” says CEO Brian Bingel.  “It automates tasks and processes that are commonly used at organizations such as Goodwill Services, and various local government agencies that help people obtain employment.” 

CaseWorthy’s job matching functionality is designed to work in tandem with it’s recently announced web portal. Organizations using CaseWorthy can use the portal to have users enter information such as work history, skills, experience, and education. The job matching functionality then uses algorithms to match available positions in the database to the candidate based on their inputs and other known criteria. The technology is designed to filter and match candidates and eliminate much of the busy work often done by case workers and agency employees.  The job matching functionality allows organizations to set up specific criteria and workflows. One such workflow might involve adding unacceptable crimes for a certain job (such as a theft conviction making a candidate ineligible to apply for a cashier position). “There are limitless possibilities and it’s all configurable right within the CaseWorthy framework”, says Bingel. “There’s no need to have various software programs and online subscriptions when you can do it all within one configurable product.”  The CaseWorthy automated job matching functionality is available immediately for organizations across the United States.