CaseWorthy Launches HUD Housing First Capabilities with HMIS

As HUD continues to change and update the requirements for HMIS, software providers have been scrambling to adapt. Throughout 2014, HUD made very clear they want all participating COC’s to offer a “Housing First” program within their respective geographic areas. The obstacles to automate this capability have been placed squarely on the HMIS software solution providers. However, many software vendors and HMIS solution providers run their system on legacy technology platforms that require coding changes and significant time and resources to modify. For some, it’s been a daunting task to keep up with these latest HUD requirements.

Enter CaseWorthy, our platform is engineered to quickly adapt to change, without time consuming and expensive coding modifications. With the new HUD Housing First requirements, we released a Graphical Housing Solution that not only fulfills the HUD requirements, but provides for all the nuances that typically arise within community that an organization may need.  Providers have the capability to design the layout of floor plans for standard, seasonal and overflow needs.  Within those layouts grant requirements that limit specific individuals (i.e. Women only shelter, age, Handicap assessable, Electrical capability…..) will also define the shelter offerings.  In addition, the CaseWorthy solution allows Providers to indicate how many Housing First beds they are willing to put into the community pool.  This capability permits Providers to adhere to their original mission and still be a community participant.  CaseWorthy will also look across the available inventory, then specific shelter admission requirements and present a list of shelters with availability in real time graphical displays by distance from the current location.  With a simple mouse click a reservation can be made and email notification will be sent.

CaseWorthy’s sophisticated yet simple to use solution is one of the first if not the very first HMIS solution to handle these requirements.  We look forward to the opportunity to show you just how flexible CaseWorthy addresses this need and other community HMIS requirements.

CaseWorthy Features HUD 2014 Compliance Data Standards

CaseWorthy would like to announce the successful transition of all HMIS clients to the new HUD 2014 compliance data standards. As a software provider in the Health and Human Social Services market, CaseWorthy believes one of the most important functions they can offer any client is fully compliant software for any vertical market with which they offer a software solution. Human service organizations and nonprofits can count on CaseWorthy to deliver these requirements timely and with little disruption to their daily activities.

CaseWorthy has successfully migrated all of HMIS clients to the 4.4 release that contains the required data fields and current published re-posting standard. This was a significant undertaking not only with the software changes ad updates, but additionally with the migration of client systems to this new release. CaseWorthy President Scott Argeris remarks “We are so pleased with the coordinated effort between the CaseWorthy migration team and our close relationship with our clients. It take two sides to make this transition work.” The CaseWorthy HMIS solution has been implemented and upgraded in organizations and agencies throughout the United States.

CaseWorthy HMIS Now Includes VI-SPDAT and SPDAT Survey Tools

Caseworthy, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of the VI-SPDAT and SPDAT pre-screening survey tool as a standard part of the CaseWorthy Homeless Management Information Software (HMIS).  As an approved vendor of the 100,000 Homes survey tool we have included this  important outcome tool into our software to help agencies using our software more easily do their work to reduce homelessness in America.  Our software team was able to seamlessly embed the survey into the CaseWorthy platform giving  homeless organizations and agencies using CaseWorthy the ability to leverage even more capabilities from our standard HMIS solution.

Our delivery of this important survey tool is critically important to our clients serving the homeless.  As stated by 100,000 Homes, “Homelessness in America is a public health emergency.”  The Mortality Rate for street homelessness is on par with some forms of cancer, cutting a person Lifespan by an average of 25 years. This survey provides makes it easier to regularly collect specific data to accurately track the progress toward ending homelessness in neighborhoods and communities. CaseWorthy is pleased to do our part in helping our clients reduce homelessness and will continue to provide state-of -the-art HMIS software along with world class service.