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Helping Students Succeed in Life

A child who comes to school hungry, sick, or troubled may struggle to focus in class. Too often there’s a disconnect between students’ basic needs being met and their ability to learn. What if there was a way to bring together all the information you need to address the needs of the whole child – emotional, social, physical, and academic?

Meet CaseWorthy.

We take care of the technology so you can focus on the children you’re helping. Multiple schools and CIS organizations throughout your community can securely manage and exchange data to connect at-risk students and their families to the right resources, while still maintaining independence as separate entities. All of this without giving up security. You won’t be able to see each other’s data without the proper permissions in place.

How do we do it?

CaseWorthy brings together all the information you need to gather in one, secure place so it’s easier for schools and communities to work together to meet students’ needs. The system updates in real-time, so schools can track behaviors, tardies, grades, test scores, and more.

Case managers can enroll students in programs, view case notes, and track the supports and services provided. Both educators and social service providers are able to securely share important data without breaching privacy standards. Plus, students have the ability to register for services via the CaseWorthy web portal.

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Product Features

CaseWorthy understands that every child is unique. Each student goes to school with different needs, experiences, and skills that can’t all be addressed with a one-size-fits-all approach to learning. That’s why we offer the ability to customize the system to meet your specific needs, whether your school is dealing with bullying, homelessness, hunger, untreated medical and dental issues, or anything else.
Thanks to the CaseWorthy database, data from schools around the nation can be securely stored in one place, while maintaining the strictest levels of security. Easily track individual student data or collective data by school. Administer needs assessments, create support plans, and enroll students in programs. Track goals and metrics, as well as services provided. Report on goals achievement and student risk factors. In addition to standard compliance reporting, you can also build custom reports to zero in on the information you want to see.
Everything you need to address the whole child, physical, mental, and emotional, is here in one case management solution. You have instant and secure online access to assessments, intake forms, case notes, and reports – in one secure database.Because it’s all in real-time, you will see the most current student information, including steps and goals, services they’re receiving, and the programs they’re currently enrolled in. This in-depth view of students – and the challenges they face – allows you to better tailor your services and programs to their individual needs.

Students can conveniently self-register for services via the CaseWorthy web portal. They can request meetings with case workers, set personal goals, view services received, and even take DR360 and SEAD assessments. The online portal simplifies the intake process so there’s less paperwork for you to keep track of – the system does it for you. Not only does this reduce data entry for school administrators and case workers, but it helps to cut back on errors since students can input their own information. 




Real-time tracking lets you measure your efforts so you can celebrate student successes and better understand the challenges ahead. You’ll gain a more realistic view of those who need your help. In addition to baseline compliance reporting, you can completely customize any report to see details about goal achievement, metrics, student risk factors, and anything else.

Who We Serve

We partner with schools, CIS affiliates, and other community organizations seeking to connect at-risk students and their families with community resources, cut back on inefficient paperwork, streamline data collection, and meet strict security requirements.

In the U.S., 13 million children under age 18 live in poverty.¹,

¹ Communities in Schools.

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