Uniting Communities to Improve Lives

There’s a lot of information coming in from all the different social services and programs in your community. Use the wealth of data that’s available to coordinate with other providers and make sure your clients get the services they need.

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Centralized Intake

All client data and documentation is stored and managed in a central database so every provider in the network is working from the same set of data. Easily share forms, workflows, dashboards and more while knowing that data security and performance standards are being met across the board.

"No Wrong Door" Eligibility Approach

Based on pre-determined eligibility criteria set up by each participating organization, the system automatically matches clients with the programs and services for which they qualify. Because it’s all automated, there’s no need to contact other providers to set up appointments.

Rigorous Data-Sharing Controls

Share or restrict access based on programs, services, or by case worker. You have the option to manage your own portion of the database or operate under a group of community system administrators.

Complete Continuum of Care Profile

Thanks to this centralized, community-wide intake approach, you have access to a comprehensive client history in real-time, regardless of what services were received. View healthcare referrals, police encounters, poverty indexing, housing information, and more all from your web dashboard.

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Community-Wide Information Exchange

Shared information is available in real-time, across an entire network of participating service providers – no matter where an individual enters the system.

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Reduce abuse of services
A panoramic 360 º degree view of participant activity and program performance across the community improves accountability and
Improve inter- agency coordination
Easily share forms, workflows, dashboards, and more with participating organizations while ensuring data security and performance standards are being met across the board.
Control access to your data
You always have complete control over what information you share and who has access to your data.

Real-time community data at your fingertips

Collect and analyze aggregate community data to influence policy and service delivery across an entire area. Or drill down into the data that’s specific to your agency to create the operational, compliance, ad hoc, and even customized reports that you need. We offer compliance reporting in every major market that we serve, including HMIS, CAP, Goodwill, HIV/AIDS, Catholic Charities and more. Our dedicated compliance team stays ahead of all data capturing, eligibility rules and compliance reporting requirements so you can focus on your clients.

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CaseWorthy helped us.

"We really wanted to have a centralized intake across the country for the social services organizations that were providing any type of service - from food pantry and community meals, to case management for families and kids, to dads in prison. We didn't want clients to have to tell their story every single time they walked in the door because that is really frustrating. CaseWorthy helped us do that."

-Jennifer Koppel, Executive Director of LCCEH

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