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Helping Rebuild Communities and Lives

Recovering after a colossal disaster is a long road for the thousands whose lives are disrupted. Just getting to the right place to apply for assistance can be a challenge.

What if these people didn’t have to go to your nearest location during regular business hours to start the application process? Imagine a secure online environment where someone who needs help can fill out an application, upload required documents, and even conduct follow ups, without going to your center in person.

Through the CaseWorthy web portal, impacted citizens can conveniently apply for assistance anytime, whether by phone, tablet, or even a computer at the public library. No travel or waiting in long lines required.

Once an online application is completed, the approval process begins immediately. Applicants can see the services and assistance they’re eligible for right away. Case workers can securely access this real-time data from their dashboards to determine program eligibility, process service requests and approvals, and award funds for housing, food, gift cards, and other services.

All documentation lives in one place and funds are distributed through the CaseWorthy application. CaseWorthy also works with external databases for better data sharing and collaboration between organizations across your community.

Product Features

Thanks to a central intake, case workers can more easily determine eligibility across the various programs available, whether for housing and food assistance, transportation, or anything else. Once eligibility is determined, additional documentation is collected to establish award amounts. Built-in approval processes throughout guard against restricted costs.
Based on your pre-established requirements, the CaseWorthy application helps you break down complex processes into simple, step-by-step workflows and checklists so you can gather required information and keep applications moving down the pipeline to designated staff. No more stacks of paperwork waiting to be completed and handed off to the next person. The entire eligibility and approval process is broken into workflows, streamlining a once cumbersome manual process.
Everything you need for effective case management is there – track gift cards you’ve distributed, send approval notifications, keep tabs on occupancy in shelters and temporary housing units, and more. You have instant and secure online access to case management files – assessments, intake forms, case notes, compliance reports – all in one secure database.See important client information, including steps and goals, services they’re eligible for now, and what programs they’re currently enrolled in.


Real-time tracking puts the most current data right there in front of you. Get accurate numbers faster and a more comprehensive view of how many people need your help. In addition to baseline compliance reporting, you can also completely customize any report to meet your needs.

Who We Serve

We partner with government agencies, human services, and disaster recovery organizations seeking to cut back on inefficient paperwork, streamline data collection, meet compliance requirements, and ultimately, reach more people who need help after a major disaster.

“Recovery from disasters is a marathon, not a sprint. While national attention fades, the impacted communities must sustain their momentum to recover without fanfare… Recovery is a long road.”¹

¹ U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Barnes, Joshua. Acting Disaster Recovery Director, ASPR. “A Year Later, Still Recovering from Trillion-Gallon Storms.” September 20, 2018.

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