Executive Summary
Our dream is to help human service organizations achieve greater efficiency in the work they do every day. We see agencies serving more people in less time.
We envision a more connected world filled with happy, healthy people and thriving communities.

But everywhere we look, organizations are expected to do more with less. Be more efficient and offer more services with less funding. Accurately capture data from multiple sources and report on services provided.

Our dream is to help human service organizations achieve greater efficiency in the work they do every day. We see agencies serving more people in less time.

We believe in strong partnerships and doing what we say we’ll do. Building powerful solutions together that will adapt and grow with you as you move towards the future. When we learn and develop something new, we’re all about sharing it with our customers. We don’t believe in hiking up the price with each new enhancement or upgrade that we add.

We see our technology as the backbone that supports and connects all of your data and systems on one secure platform, so you and your partners can easily get to the information you need, when you need it.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to empower organizations like yours with smart software that automates and simplifies your day-to-day processes and enriches the lives of everyone you serve.

What sets us apart
The value you get from CaseWorthy is measured by how we work with customers like you. We understand that every partnership is unique. Each organization has different needs and goals.

We appreciate that CaseWorthy has a fixed cost structure with no hidden fees. The other vendors we were considering weren’t as upfront with us in providing specific pricing. We value CaseWorthy’s honesty and transparency with us from the beginning.

One Relationship, One Price
While we address close to 50 vertical markets, what sets us apart is that we don’t change the pricing for each vertical. When you choose CaseWorthy, you get everything we build today and in the future. We don’t charge separately for any new functionality we develop – it all comes as part of the application you initially purchase.

I’ve designed and used primary data collection systems for 26 years and helped many non-profits “work-around” the limitations in their off-the shelf software products. My main objective was to find a product that could be customized without going back to the vendor to pay and pay. You will not need to create ‘work-arounds’ with CaseWorthy.

— Peter Dore, Director of Data Management, Brown School of Social Work

Build and Share
Our philosophy is to innovate and then share what we’ve created with our customers. Our one-of-a-kind apBuilder™ technology helps us do this by delivering an entire development environment to you. You don’t need to hire more computer programmers to tailor the application to fit your specific needs. Staff can quickly take care of organizational and program changes as they’re happening in real-time. Simply drag and drop to customize roles, forms, dashboards, workflows, queries, reports, and more.

Once we saw CaseWorthy’s apBuilder tool, we knew this could provide what we needed. We’re now able to self-maintain a very large portion of our customization needs including rules, workflows, reports, queries, and our own tables and columns.

— Jeff Bloes, Non-Profit Organization Management, Goodwill Industries
• Roles-based: YOU control who can see and access specific information, depending on their roles within your agency
• Forms: Modify and update forms in real-time: add data fields and signatures, assign case managers, set up conditional fields and more.
• Workflows: Automate and standardize work processes, such as intakes, in a simple, step by step format.
• Dashboards: Configure the desktop around the way employees work, based on their roles within your agency. You have full control and can easily manage what’s being displayed on each dashboard.
• Rules-integration: Our rules engine applies conditional logic to forms, workflow steps, queries, eligibility determinations, alerts, and notifications. Set up rules and conditions to establish when certain information or prompts should be displayed, when alerts should be sent, to determine program eligibility and specific workflow steps, and more.
Analytics and reporting
Real-time reporting and analytics are integrated into the CaseWorthy application, so you can quickly see the impact of your programs from your dashboard anytime you want. Plus, CaseWorthy offers you the unique ability to set up your own search variables to produce the specific data you want to see. That’s how we drive data to the dashboards and charts.
There are several different ways you can access your data:
CaseWorthy Analytics is designed to handle millions and millions of rows of data with instant response. Staff can filter data any way they want to get an up-close view – in real-time – of the different programs being offered, who’s enrolled and actively using the resources available, and more.
Export data to Excel spreadsheets and PDFs, or create automated charts and graphs to instantly see the results of your outreach efforts.
Operational reports allow you to drill down into the real-time details you need to know about your clients, programs, and services – who’s enrolled or exited, program outcomes, KPIs, retention rates, and more.
Compliance reports are simpler to file since our dedicated team stays ahead of all the latest data capturing, eligibility rules and compliance reporting requirements for HMIS, CAP, Goodwill, HIV/AIDS, Catholic Charities and more.
CaseWorthy Business Intelligence works in tandem with CaseWorthy Analytics to translate your data into actionable information that you can use to make more informed decisions, prove outcomes, and enhance services.
Microsoft Reporting Services (SSRS) is compatible with our software, so you can connect to SQL databases and use SSRS tools to format SQL reports in a number of ways.

CaseWorthy connects your services to the outcomes, so you can tell what’s working – and what isn’t – and focus limited resources where they’re needed most.

   — Peter Dore, Director of Data Management, Brown School of Social Work, Washington University in St. Louis
Data Security

Keeping your data safe is a top priority. That’s why we’ve invested in both web and database servers to maintain optimum control of the services we offer to you.

Hosted Service

Our servers are stored off-site at ViaWest (http://www.viawest.com/), a top-of-class enterprise data center that provides availability standards for:

• Continuous power delivery
• Surge protection
• Cooling and environmental controls
• Fire and smoke detection
• Redundant networks
• Cables and grounding

ViaWest also guarantees 100% power and network service availability to servers and has maintained 100% infrastructure uptime over many years.


On-site and off-site back ups are performed daily to independent and separate storage devices. Monthly back-ups are stored for 12 months.

Data Encryption

We provide 256-bit encryption whether the data is at rest or in transit. You maintain full management over your database encryption, including secure passwords. That means you have complete control over who can see your data and the release of that data. A history log shows you who has accessed information and any changes made to your database

Web Portal

A two-way web portal option (priced separately from the baseline application) enables you to expand your services, offering both staff and clients 24/7 access to information and resources anytime, from anywhere there’s an internet connection. Easily manage employment services, volunteers, grants, and donors via the CaseWorthy web portal.

The portal is configurable to your exact needs, so you define the layout and organize the desktop specific to each user. Intakes are integrated in the system, whether you’re using the portal for camp registration, energy assistance, preschool check-ins, or anything else. Because all information is securely stored in a single database, you can be confident that everyone in your network is working from the same set of data.

Professional Services

The best technology in the world won’t make a bit of difference if you don’t have the expertise to back it up. Our professional services team is here to help you every step of the way – from planning and implementation to launch and beyond.

All of this, with the exception of the web portal, which is priced separately, comes with the CaseWorthy application for one price. It’s part of our business model to make sure that our partners benefit from the innovations we create together. It’s just how we do business.

Something that has stood out from the rest of CaseWorthy’s competitors is the support we have received. I appreciate having one person to support us and knowing that if I have a problem I don’t have to repeat what is going on over and over again. Our account manager knows our history and can help us instantly. We’ve heard from our coworkers what an advantage this is as most businesses have a call center. 

— Alex Price, Data Project Manager for Cocoon House