Helping you treat the WHOLE PERSON. Look beyond physical health to address the many other factors that may be going on in a person’s life.

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Complement your medical tracking system with a complete care profile – social and medical

Build a more inclusive healthcare model with community partners

Streamline your centralized intake with easily shared forms, workflows and dashboards

See a more complete picture of your patients with 360° dashboard


Share Data in a Central Database

All patient data is securely stored in a single database, so everyone – case workers, clinicians, administrators – is working from the same set of data. You’ll have a central place to record case notes and view complete patient profiles, track and report on incidents and utilization. Share assessments and care plans, send out team alerts, and follow up on referrals to make sure your patients are getting the best possible care.You always have full control over your data, so you can share or restrict access to information based on programs, services, or case worker.

Coordinate Services through a Community Referral Network

Participating in a robust network of service providers means you don’t have to worry about blindly referring a client to an unfamiliar agency and then never knowing the outcome. Based on pre-determined eligibility criteria set up by each participating organization, the CaseWorthy system automatically matches your patients with the programs and services for which they qualify. Because it’s all automated, there’s no need to contact other providers to set up appointments – the software does it for you. Initiate and track multiple referrals, and then follow up to see what services a client has received and the result of those activities.

At a Glance, Comprehensive Client History of all Services

Through this team-based approach, service providers in your network have secure access to a comprehensive history of each client in real-time, regardless of what services were received. A health management dashboard offers a 360º view of all clients in the system and a history of activity regardless of where services were received. This reduces the chances of giving unnecessary or redundant tests and boosts efficiency across the board. View care plans, healthcare referrals, police encounters, poverty indexing, housing information, and more, all from your web dashboard.

Simplify Tracking and Reporting with Real-Time Outcomes

With the CaseWorthy application, you can go beyond simply making sure appointments are scheduled and kept, lab results received, and referrals pursued. Identify and track an individual’s goals and any potential barriers to achieving those goals. For someone who is unemployed, you can connect them with the right agency for help writing a resume and going through the application process. Look at real-time outcomes across multiple social service providers and patients to review performance and see where improvements can be made.

Automated Processes and Workflows

Apply conditional logic to forms, workflow steps, queries, eligibility determinations, alerts, and notifications. Set up rules and conditions to establish when certain information or prompts should be displayed, when alerts should be sent, to determine program eligibility and specific workflow steps, and more.

See a More Complete Picture of Your Patient

The ability to track the patient journey across multiple social service providers offers you a more complete picture of each patient and enhances your ability to offer more continuous care.

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Drill down into the exact data you need to create detailed operational, compliance, ad hoc, and custom reports that show how your programs are performing. Access the reports you need from any mobile device, anywhere, anytime. Save and share reports and automatically schedule them to go out to individuals or entire teams. Our compliance team stays ahead of all data capturing, eligibility rules and compliance requirements so you can focus on your clients.

Who We Serve

CaseWorthy is excited to announce a new Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), Family First Health (www.familyfirsthealth.org) has chosen CaseWorthy as their Advanced Case Management Software. CaseWorthy will work alongside their current EHR system to help them meet the continuum of care needs for their patients. They adopted the system to manage the case management work of three of their programs, primarily their Caring Together program. The system allows them to move away from paper charts to an electronic case management system. CaseWorthy will enhance the work of case managers by allowing for automated processes and workflows, providing useful outcomes data, and ensuring follow up tasks for patients.

“Family First Health is excited about the opportunities CaseWorthy presents to our departments and our community. We chose CaseWorthy as our starting point for moving from paper to electronic records due to the current product meeting our immediate needs and the possibilities of future growth.”

CarrieAnn Frolio, VP of Integration and Business Development, Family First Health

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