Nonprofits like yours need ways to efficiently communicate with clients and fellow organizations. We make sure you have the tools necessary to do so, including our customizable web portal.

It’s easy to stay connected with people using technology, especially through the case management platform we offer. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to maintain as many lines of accessible communication with clients as possible.  We’re here to help bridge the gap between you and your clients with our software, and our Portal is a much-loved feature that does just that. The more connected you are to your community, the better you will be able to meet its needs. That’s why we offer the CaseWorthy Portal as an add-on option to our standard case management software.

A hub of connection. A center of communication. A way to build relationships with clients remotely. This is the CaseWorthy Web Portal.

The Portal allows your organization to utilize a more advanced level of communication with a variety of people and organizations. Like the rest of the CaseWorthy toolset, it is completely configurable to your needs. The Portal can be used for many functions, from general case management to coordinating multiple programs and services to funding. A few specific ways you can use it include:

  • Interacting with potential clients: Clients can contact your organization using the Portal to request information and aid. They can submit their personal information and background data for more efficient and automated matching with services, and can talk to your caseworkers directly.
  • Communicating with fellow nonprofits: Nonprofit organizations often team up to provide a higher level of service to their clients, and the CaseWorthy Portal makes doing this easier than ever. Exchange files and documents, verify eligibility, get access to the same client information and much more. The Portal will allow you increased access to the data and resources you need to help your clients.
  • Contact funders: Since nonprofit work requires such a heavy focus on obtaining funding, the Portal is here to make this process easier, too. It offers a secure, quick way to request funding, check the status of requests and approvals and quickly integrate funding information into the current budget. The portal makes it easier on both your employees and external funders alike.
  • Manage volunteers: Volunteers are an essential part of nonprofit organizations. That means that onboarding and managing them is also essential. Fortunately, the Portal allows them to quickly sign up for work, sign necessary documents and view schedules and calendars. On the other side of the equation, it also allows you to see a panoramic view of your volunteers in order to best direct them to where they need to go.
  • Employment services: Through the Portal, job searchers can log in and see potential career opportunities that they can apply for. Not only that, they can request help in looking for the right job from your staff. And since the Portal is easily accessible from any device, they can accomplish their job-searching goals from anywhere.
  • Education: Many schools and educational institutions can use the Portal to communicate with parents and students about everything from educational support to behavioral issues to having essential needs met. Parents and students can log in to submit information and complete tasks, while staff members can see this information and respond to it in a timely manner.

The Portal can play an important role in how you use CaseWorthy, further streamlining data gathering and input and strengthening ties among all the people involved in your work. It also makes it much easier to connect with partner organizations and work together. Since this piece of software is fully integrated into the CaseWorthy system, you can use it in complete synchronicity with all your other services to maximize efficiency. In this way, the Portal also makes it much easier to keep the focus of your work on the client, rather than on individual services. Additionally, since the Portal is part of CaseWorthy’s extensive security and compliance network, each individual worker who uses it will have their own login and toolset to make the best use of it possible while also protecting sensitive information.

The Web Portal can help streamline the way your organization works, utilizing the benefits of connectivity to further your goals.

If the Portal add-on feature sounds like a tool that could work for your organization, contact us today!

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