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Capture and manage all your senior client data - medications, shift notes, medical billing, and more - in one, secure place.

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Senior care is complex. You’re tasked with a multitude of compound challenges, from providing housing and nutritious meals to managing medications, healthcare, transportation, and more. Not to mention administrative duties that include strict confidentiality guidelines and accurately tracking the services you provide.

Thanks to CaseWorthy, now there’s a simpler way to manage compliance, track utilization, and share important data with other providers so your clients receive the care they need. With our web-based application, all program use, hours, billing, and other information is securely collected and stored in a central database, where your staff can easily get to it from any device.

Plus, the ability to customize your daily data reports and access them in real-time means you can quickly zoom in on the information that’s most important to achieve your operational goals and deliver the best care possible for your senior clients.



The CaseWorthy application provides a vital link between your assessments and the individualized care plans you create for each client.

Health Management Dashboard & Data Collection:

• Hearing & Vision
• In-home Support
• Level of Care
• Meals
• Mental Health
• Transportation
• Substance Abuse Screenings
• Safety Evaluations
• Comprehensive, Individualized Care Plans


• Collaborate with other senior care provider
• Record case notes
• View complete client history
• Track & report incidents & changes in condition
• Auto-generated email and text messages for notifications and follow-up


CaseWorthy simplifies medication management so you can eliminate inefficient paperwork and focus on taking care of your clients.

• Create workflow rules to support your standards for safe medication administration.
• Develop a workflow that ensures compliance and accountability of each electronic health record (EHR) and protects the personal health information (PHI) of every client.
• Medication inventory
• View complete history of medication administration


Simplify Medicare and Medicaid management and help ensure accurate and timely invoicing to insurance providers and funders.

• Comprehensive list of HIPAA-mandated ICD 10 codes
• Health insurance Form CMS 1500
• HCPCS codes for Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement
• 837P standard format for electronic healthcare claim transmission


Detailed time tracking and reporting allows you to keep tabs on resource and budget utilization – all in real-time.

• Fund management: funds used to date & amount left in each account.
• Time spent by staff and client in activities
• Revenue reports to show funding plan information
• Resource utilization reporting


Create revenue reports that show all your senior clients, funding plan information, and resource utilization. Long-term care providers can access real-time data on headcount, occupancy trends, length of stay, and more.

We have 110,000 clients who are currently active at our career center. Through CaseWorthy Analytics and reporting I can look at a pie and see all of our programs in real-time. Not only can i see how many people are enrolled, but if I click on a piece of the pie I can see exactly who is currently enrolled, along with names and locations. This is one of my favorite features.

- Jenny Taylor, Senior Director of Career Services at Goodwill of North Georgia

Who We Serve

We partner with providers, senior centers, long-term care facilities, and other non-profit and social service organizations that provide services for seniors and older adults.

"I’ve designed and used primary data collection systems for 26 years and helped many non-profits "work-around" the limitations in their off-the shelf software products. My main objective was to find a product that could be customized without going back to the vendor to pay and pay. You will not need to create “work-arounds” with CaseWorthy. CaseWorthy is a different level of architecture, with a uniquely flexible and expandable design. You can add almost anything you can imagine, most likely without having to go back to the vendor or pay anything additional.”

— Peter Dore, Director of Data Management for Brown School of Social Work

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