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Boost efficiency with 24/7 online access to important client information – all securely stored in one place.

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CaseWorthy Connectâ„¢

This two-way web portal empowers parties on both sides of the table to securely gather and manage needed information in a single database so they can work together toward common goals. 24/7 availability means that all parties have continuous, secure access to resources outside of your regular business hours, from any device, anywhere with an internet connection. But not just anyone can get to your data. You always have complete control over what you share and with whom you share it.

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No more waiting in long lines. Access to a web portal puts the control in your clients’ hands, whether they’re registering for services online, or creating their own individual service plans (ISP’s) for employment, placement or any other programs.

Anywhere access

Both your staff and clients have 24/7 access to the information they need anytime, and from anywhere there’s an internet connection. This level of mobility offers your employees the convenience and flexibility of logging in to the web portal whether they’re at home, on the road, or in the office.

Alerts and notifications

Set up any number of text or email alerts to let case workers and clients know about follow-up appointments, assessments, incidents, classes and more. You can pre-schedule dates to determine when and where alerts are displayed.


CaseWorthy Connect enables you to be more responsive to the people you serve by making a wide range of services and programs available online, no matter location or time of day.

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24/7 access to resources
Improved communication & collaboration
Instantly see impact of programs

Capture, analyze and report on real-time data

Because all information is collected in real-time, you can be sure what you're seeing is based on the most recent activity. Detailed reporting shows you and the agencies you're working with the results of your efforts - and ensures compliance and performance standards are being met.

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With CaseWorthy Connect, we are able to do paperless self-registration.

Before CaseWorthy, we were dealing with nearly 50,000 new job seekers annually. People would walk in, fill out paper forms and our staffers would have to enter all the information manually. But now, with [CaseWorthy Connect], we are able to do paperless self-registration. We have been able to move all of our records to a custom configuration and have eliminated all the redundancy and errors that go with paper registration.

- Jenny Taylor, Senior Director of Career Services at Goodwill of North Georgia

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