Managing the fine details of Case Management

The fine details of case management form the big picture of each of your clients’ needs. Managing those details is where we shine. CaseWorthy is a scalable case management solution for nonprofits that grows and evolves alongside the growth and maturity of your organization and your team. We work with you to build a system designed for your organization that will last for years to come. From day-to-day interactions and client intake to the creation of case notes and the development of client goals, CaseWorthy is equipped to be your organization’s one-stop caseworking database.

Our flexible software is fitted with every feature you can dream of to make case management easier for you and the people you serve. From the most essential features like client data input to the most unique and advanced features like automated assessments and reporting, your team can implement CaseWorthy however you need to improve your data management process.

Completely customizable user interface

Our intuitive UI allows your organization instant online access to case management files—assessments, intake forms, case notes, reports, approvals, and more—all in one place. This boosts efficiency and ensures that you can access the data you need at any time. Because it’s completely web-based, as well, you can access it from anywhere.

This user interface can also improve your communication with clients, fellow staff members and partner organizations. By using it to create connections, approve services and complete workflows, reports and assessments, your organization will end up with better access to the data it needs to build positive client outcomes. Of course, the data aspect is only one piece of the puzzle. Our software also gives caseworkers more ways to build relationships with clients and focus on providing aid that makes your community a better place.

Client-focused solutions

Our solutions are client-focused. We can help you access a cohesive, 360 degree view of the clients you help and their ongoing needs. As an expansive, fully configurable solution, CaseWorthy gives caseworkers access to high levels of client information, and it automates many of the more tedious aspects of data collection in order to bring efficiency to the entire process. Not only that, your organization can set up its own rules-based procedures to make generating goals and providing services much easier, along with reducing error margins and making responsible use of budgeted funds.

This focus on clients sets us apart, as our data-driven insights help nonprofits keep their priorities where they belong: on building relationships with clients and empowering them. We want to help you help your communities by showing people that someone will always have their back.

A whole suite of case management features out of the box

CaseWorthy offers a whole suite of case management features out of the box that help your whole organization work more efficiently, from boots on the ground caseworkers to high-level executives. You’ll never have to worry about having the right tools for the job when you use CaseWorthy. In its standard form, it provides a huge number of robust, useful tools, and you can take it even further because it’s completely customizable from the first day you use it. In this way, CaseWorthy as a case management solution will grow with your organization and adapt to your future needs. Some of the basic features CaseWorthy offers include:

Customizable dashboards:

Our easy-to-use interface enables highly efficient document management and client/service tracking. Your data is all kept in one place, organized in a simple, intuitive way. All features are available through convenient menus with just a click. So whether you’re handling services from HMIS and food pantries to family services and disaster recovery, there’s a way through CaseWorthy to lighten the workload.


Identify information about your clients, from their most pressing needs to their skills and level of self-sufficiency. These assessments are designed to determine what services will best work for each client individually and help create actionable steps to guide them in meeting their goals.


Compiling data in report formats is an essential part of case management, so CaseWorthy makes this process as simple as possible, with a multitude of templates available to choose from and simple data entry processes to build them out. These reports provide metrics and insights for the future of the client and your organization alike.

Grants, funding and time tracking:

We know that your organization values its most essential resources, time and funding, on a deep level. That’s why we make keeping track of budgets and hours easy, with support for calendaring, grant management and transparent fund use tracking.


CaseWorthy workflows absolutely shine in simplifying case management tasks. Using smart, streamlined data entry and requesting tools, you can quickly add useful information about clients at any time and use the resulting data organization to build productive cases and relationships with clients.

Security and compliance:

Your clients’ safety and privacy are always top of mind in the CaseWorthy solution. You are always in control of who has access to the sensitive information you put into the database. We work hard to ensure that your work meets compliance and security standards so you never lose data or risk it falling into the wrong hands.


The apBuilder™ toolset included within CaseWorthy is one feature that enables it to be highly configurable in-house. This tool allows your organization to create shortcuts, access new features and set up further automation that enables your caseworkers to take their minds off the paperwork and keep them on their clients.

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Your nonprofit does important work in the community. We’re simply here to make your job easier.

If CaseWorthy sounds like a good option for your organization, we’d love to show you even more of what it can do.

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