Connect all your social services in your community with one single database!

As Community Action Partnership (CAP) agencies across the country strive to meet the needs of their clients there can be a lot of information coming in from all the different social services and programs in your community.  With CaseWorthy’s, “No Wrong Door” Eligibility approach you can pre-determine criteria set up by each participating organization, the system automatically matches clients with programs and services for which they qualify in your community.  Because its all automated, there’s no need to contact other providers to set up appointments. With one single database you can connect your clients to services throughout your community and help them become more self-sufficient.

Stop by our booth #201 at the upcoming Community Action Partnership (CAP) National Convention this week, August 28-31st Denver, Colorado and see what a difference CaseWorthy can make at your organization!


CaseBot – CaseWorthy’s New Self-Service Reporting Tool

Have you ever wanted to add reports to your dashboards and have your own self-reporting tool?

Now you can with CaseWorthy’s new unique business intelligence tool- CaseBot!  This new tool is taking CaseWorthy’s reporting to the next level. You can create your own reports – from simple to complex on your own.  CaseBot turns YOU into an advance reporting developer.

What this means for you:

  • Complete control over your data
  • Customize your reports and dashboards as much as you like
  • Bring so much more to the forefront with Dashboards and several options for report creation
  • Enjoy the flexibility and easy to use self-service reporting tool

Learn More about CaseBot Click here

If you want to change how you see your Data, CaseBot is for you.  We know that everyone benefits from smart alliances.  When you team up with CaseWorthy, you get the most comprehensive solution to help you securely capture and report on your data while meeting all security and compliance requirements.  And now with CaseBot it will take your reporting to the next level.

Join our webinar on August 15th at 10am MT to see it in action!