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Increase operational efficiency and enable better tracking for every service you provide. ServTracker is the most comprehensive software solution for aging service providers to streamline client information and optimize service scheduling and delivery. 

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“Getting set-up and starting with ServTracker was a breeze. Over the past few years, ServTracker has saved staff hundreds of hours.”

Purpose-built for Aging Service Providers

ServTracker is the leading software provider for aging service programs and home delivered meals services. The flexible solution enables your organization to manage any data you need including client details, meal preferences, delivery information, volunteer details, and more.

Built to simplify your day-to-day operations our streamlined solution helps optimize programs for congregate dining sites, senior centers, adult daycare operations, as well as best-in-class mobile homecare solutions.

Streamline Every Aspect of Senior Care and Meal Delivery Operations

Easily capture client, service, and schedule details

An intuitive interface makes it easy to capture and input all the information needed to schedule and manage delivery of service.

Our out-of-the-box fields enable you to record all appropriate client information required, including those from your funding sources. You can also customize these options to meet your specific needs.

Authorize and request the services and resources that are needed and allocated for your clients. Create and manage service authorizations and service requests with different details. Use service authorizations and service requests to communicate and coordinate with other providers and vendors that deliver the services and resources for your clients.

Ensure proper volunteer tracking. Enter volunteer information, track their time and the specific programs they support to provide services to your clients.

Translate planned activities into actual schedules with our scheduling tool. Align your programs as well as the necessary support personnel needed to operate the efforts you have planned.


Record units for planning and delivery of any service

Our purpose-built solution is designed to support a variety of units. Create, update, and post the service units your organization uses to effectively manage and track the services provided.

Leverage tools to create and manage service units specific to the service type. Units can be created from route-based schedules, congregate dining scanners, or other sign-in points.

Multiple service unit windows help organizations create units in advance to send orders to the kitchen, to manage units during delivery, and to plan for future activities like shelf stable or holiday meal deliveries.

For services that have multiple people participating at a location or event, the multiple entry method enables you to quickly select all of the participants from a list and create the necessary units to record the services provided.

Speed up attendee information capture with bar-coded sign-in sheets for congregate dining or related programs.

For home delivered meals, easily modify or copy units, create units for holiday meals, or create appended records for alternative deliveries. For all services, filter and manage the service units as needed before posting.

Service units are the official historical record of service delivery once posted. If needed, use our service unit change tools to fix issues in any historical records for proper reporting.


Improve operational efficiency and performance

Save time and improve operational efficiency with industry-leading features including Mobile Meals and Mobile Home Care apps, meal choice and menu choice flexibility, route planning and optimization tools, bar code scanning, touchscreen entry capabilities, holiday and special delivery management, volunteer scheduling, and more.

The Mobile Meals app, available for Android and IOS devices, facilitates delivery of meals by volunteers or staff. Integration with the device’s mapping tools (e.g., Google Maps, Apple Maps, WAZE) enables easy directions to/from each client on the route. Extended features enable drivers to record delivery/non delivery, change of condition, menu choice selections, and other data. You can also enable delivery notifications which communicates delivery status to a client’s emergency contacts.

The Mobile Home Care app, available for Android and IOS, facilitates delivery of in-home care services by your staff members. Geocoded check-in provides the data needed for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV). The care provider can indicate the activities provided to the client on the visit.

Create flexible menu options from simple A/B menu choice to full selection of entrees, sides, desserts, etc. Utilize as much or as little of these features as necessary to provide the appropriate level of menu customization for your clients.

The Route Delivery Sequence Manager empowers users to place the client in the most logical sequence on the route when entering their service plan. Route Boundaries enable automated route assignment and mapping routes provides daily directions. Route optimization is available when licensed to select the best route based on clients receiving meals that day.

Enter volunteers just like clients and keep track of their activities. Extensive home delivered meals job scheduling helps organizations to ensure that all routes are covered and schedule substitutes when needed.


Data & Reporting

Show the data you need in real time with custom reports and dashboards. Easily track and measure your program performance, client outcomes, and organizational goals. Showcase your impact by exporting and sharing your reports with funders, partners, and stakeholders.

ServTracker comes with a host of standard reports to streamline access to client data, service unit histories, etc. You can also create and view reports that show the data you need in the way you want.

Access a myriad of operational reports like kitchen summaries, route sheets, meal choice reports, and other reports designed to help you manage the day-to-day production and delivery of home delivered meals.

Generate invoices for services that clients contribute to or pay for via private pay funding. Configure different types of accounts to enable different methods of invoicing depending on service.

Query apBuilder builds and executes queries to retrieve and filter data from your database. Leverage SQL expressions or graphical tools to define your query criteria, parameters, and output fields. You can also save and manage your queries for future use or sharing.

Export your data and reports to various formats, such as Excel, PDF, CSV, and more, and save them to your device or cloud storage. You can also share your data and reports with others via email, social media, or online platforms. 

With additional licensing, leverage tools to extract data for upload into various state systems or to submit claims via EDI.


Flexible and powerful configuration options

Innovative self-service features empower you to modify and customize ServTracker. Configure lookup tables specific to your organization to determine how each service should operate within the system.

Establish the relevant values to be included across the application from various demographic choices to medical options to general options such as titles, staff members, end reasons, etc.

Configure service specific choices such as meal types, diet types, routes, statuses, note categories, and much more by service so that your service delivery is configured to the way you operate.

Ensure proper volunteer tracking. Enter volunteer information, track their time and the specific programs they support to provide services to your clients.


The one product you need to manage your senior service delivery.

Improve Efficiency in Managing Your Operations

Delivering services to a fragile population should be your focus. ServTracker offers features that allow you to serve more people with less manpower. Whether you are a nutrition provider, managing a daycare or senior center operation, running a transportation service, providing in home services, or a combination of services, ServTracker has the tools to help you do it more effectively.

Purpose Built for Senior Services

For 30 years, ServTracker has been delivering capabilities that help service providers deliver services for older adults. Features have been designed with your needs in mind.

Empower Your Mission

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The #1 Most Trusted Aging Software Solution

We utilize ServTracker to help support all aspects of our mission:  client onboarding, route planning, meal ordering, advanced reporting, and much more.  The team at CaseWorthy is great to work with and is always available to offer assistance.

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