Education & Student Case Management

Supporting Every Student's Unique Education Needs

Establish an environment that supports both classroom learning and personal growth. Create tailored resources and manage individual data for students, educators, and caseworkers.

Education and Student Case Management

Empowering School Systems and Education Programs

Connect Students to the Resources They Need

CaseWorthy is purpose-built to provide solutions that go beyond the classroom.  We empower school systems to equip children of any age to overcome whatever challenges they may be facing. Our secure, flexible platform enables better case management for a holistic approach to education and child development.

Our Solutions Provide:

Collaboration features to monitor efforts with caseworkers, community partners, and volunteers involved with schools and students.

Data collection tools for individualized demographics such as home status and English Language Learners.

Custom records for academic and behavioral baseline data for a complete student profile.

Documentation to show progress between case manager and students to discuss each support plan.

Client-focused web portal enabling students and families to access progress reports, set goals, register for programs, and complete assessments.

Achieve More with CaseWorthy

Our industry-leading case management solution empowers organizations to deliver better services, improve outcomes, and streamline workflows by combining your program data and business operations into a single, scalable solution. 

Thanks to CaseWorthy, we now have state-of-the-art technology to help us improve the delivery and coordination of services countywide. Our community is adopting new assessment tools, common intake forms, electronic referrals, fund tracking and much more. CaseWorthy meets the needs of diverse community organizations in our Continuum of Care.

Executive Director, Community Council of St. Charles County

Education and Student Case Management

Working Together to Uplift Students

Promote collaboration between educators and parents using streamlined tools for efficiency.

With CaseWorthy, it’s easy to see how a student is doing and make changes to their education plan/IEP.

When a student is supported, it can make all the difference in their unique learning path.

Also, when parents, educators and students alike can take part in forming this plan using the data that CaseWorthy gathers and processes, it becomes much easier to help providers meet students’ needs.

Ready to Get Started?

Learn why health and human service organizations thrive with CaseWorthy. Our expert team is ready to consult with you on the unique needs of your organization.

CaseWorthy has provided our organization with a flexible case management platform that enables us to meet the ever-changing needs of the community.  As we pursue our mission to overcome obstacles to work, CaseWorthy provides us with functionality to nimbly respond to the system needs of these programs.

Director of Data, Goodwill of Central and Coastal VA

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