Elevate Case Management Data and Operations

Our industry-leading case management solution empowers organizations to deliver better services, improve outcomes, and streamline workflows by combining your program data and business operations into a single, scalable solution. 


“The ability to provide our clients a self-sufficient solution to managing their participants in recovery programs is what we like most about CaseWorthy.”

Case Management with a Purpose

CaseWorthy is the leading provider of scalable case management software designed to support the community-led services of nonprofit organizations, government agencies and public administrations.

Built to make your job simpler and your data more transparent, our case management solution can be completely customized to fit your organization’s workflows, services and, most importantly, the people you serve.

Capture and Manage Client Data in One Secure Location

Simplify Software Maintenance and Custom Development

Innovative self-service features empower you to modify and customize CaseWorthy without relying on external vendors or developers. Use our proprietary apBuilder tools to create and edit data fields, forms, workflows, reports, dashboards, and more.

Form apBuilder creates and customizes forms for data collection and entry. Design your own form layout, add, and edit data fields, set validation rules and default values, and configure form actions and triggers. You can also import and export forms from other sources or templates.

Query apBuilder builds and executes queries to retrieve and filter data from your database. Leverage SQL expressions or graphical tools to define your query criteria, parameters, and output fields. You can also save and manage your queries for future use or sharing.

Dashboard apBuilder creates and customizes dashboards to display and monitor your data in a visual and interactive way. Choose from various widgets, such as charts, maps, tables, lists, and more, to present your data in different formats and perspectives. You can also adjust the dashboard layout, style, and theme to suit your preferences and needs

Workflow apBuilder automates and streamlines business processes and workflows. Define workflow steps, conditions, actions, and transitions using a drag-and-drop interface. You can also assign roles and permissions, set notifications and reminders, and track and manage your workflow status and progress.

Role apBuilder enables you to manage and control the access and permissions of your users and groups. Create and edit roles, assign users and groups to roles, and grant or revoke permissions to access and modify data, forms, queries, dashboards, workflows, and other features. You can also view and audit the activities and logs of your users and groups.


Efficient and Consistent Service Delivery and Documentation

Improve management and coordination of services for your clients across multiple programs and agencies. Create and update client profiles, intake forms, assessments, service plans, referrals, and case notes. You can also automate workflows, tasks, reminders, and alerts to streamline your processes and ensure compliance.

Customized client profiles allow you to store and manage all the information about your clients in one secure and centralized location. Document basic demographic information or enhance profiles with additional information, such as demographics, family members, income, education, health, and more. You can also attach documents, photos, and notes to your client profiles.

Collect and evaluate the needs and preferences of your clients during the intake process. Customize intake forms and assessments with different types of questions. Set validation rules and scoring methods for your intake forms and assessments. You can also use intake forms and assessments to determine the eligibility and suitability of your clients for different programs and services.

Plan and coordinate the services and interventions for your clients based on their goals and needs. Create and update service plans with different components and track and monitor the progress and results of your service plans and referrals. You can also create and manage referrals to other agencies and partners.

Document and record the interactions and transactions that you have with your clients and other parties. Create and edit case notes with different formats and predefined templates. You can also attach documents, photos, signatures, and notes to your case notes.

Identify and match the programs and services that are available and appropriate for your clients based on their characteristics and criteria. Create and define eligibility rules and requirements for different programs and services. You can also use program and service eligibility to automate the screening and enrollment process for your clients.

Authorize and request the services and resources that are needed and allocated for your clients. Create and manage service authorizations and service requests with different details. Use service authorizations and service requests to communicate and coordinate with other providers and vendors that deliver the services and resources for your clients.


Increase Client Engagement and Collaboration

Our user-friendly portal engages and empowers your clients, staff, and partners through a secure and accessible online platform. Enable your clients to access their own information, request services, complete surveys, and communicate with you. You can also invite your staff and partners to collaborate, share information, and access resources.

Give your clients access to manage their own information and services through a secure and user-friendly online portal. They can view and update their profiles, forms, assessments, service plans, referrals, and case notes. They can also request and schedule services, complete surveys, and access resources and support.

Communicate and interact with your clients by sending and receiving messages, emails, notifications, and alerts to your clients. Leverage client communications to provide feedback, guidance, and coaching to your clients. You can also conduct video calls, webinars, and online meetings with your clients.


Collaborate and coordinate with your staff and partners across different programs and agencies. Share and exchange information, documents, and data with your staff and partners. Assign and delegate tasks, roles, and responsibilities to your staff and partners. You can also create and join groups, teams, and networks.

The CaseWorthy University LMS provides you with a collection of resources and materials that can help you and your clients with your case management and service delivery. You can access and download various resources, such as templates, guides, manuals, best practices, and more.

Web Portal

Improve Data Quality, Reliability, and Security Issues

We’re committed to ensuring safe, reliable, and compliant data that is backed up, encrypted, and audited. Customize data fields, forms, and workflows to meet your specific needs and standards. You can also control your data access, permissions, and roles to protect your data privacy and security.

Modify and tailor your case management software to fit your specific needs and preferences. Create and edit your own data fields, forms, and workflows using a simple and intuitive interface. You can also choose from various options and settings to customize the appearance, behavior, and functionality of your data fields, forms, and workflows.

Control and manage the access and permissions of your data and features. Create and assign roles to your users and groups, and grant or revoke permissions to access and modify data, forms, queries, dashboards, workflows, and other features. You can also set different levels of access and permissions for different types of data and features, such as view, edit, delete, and more.

Comply with various standards and regulations that apply to your case management and service delivery. Use predefined or customized templates and formats to generate and submit reports that meet the requirements and expectations of your funders, partners, and stakeholders. You can also use data validation and verification tools to ensure the accuracy and quality of your data.


Breakdown Data Silos and Fragmentation

Leverage over 40 integration capabilities to connect and synchronize your data with other systems and platforms. Import and export data from various sources, such as Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, and APIs. You can also integrate with third-party applications, such as Salesforce, DocuSign, QuickBooks, Google Maps, and more.

Import data from various sources, such as Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, and APIs, and map and transform the data to fit your data fields and forms. You can also export data to various destinations, such as Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, and APIs, and format and filter the data to meet your requirements and expectations.

Keep your data consistent and updated across different systems and platforms. Connect and synchronize your data with other systems and for accurate and current data. You can also set the frequency and timing of your data synchronization and monitor and manage your data sync status and logs.

Enhance and extend the functionality and capability of your case management software. Easily integrate with 40+ third-party applications that provide complementary or specialized features and services for your case management and service delivery. You can also access and use the features and services of the third-party applications within your case management software interface.


Get Full Visibility and Insight into Program Data and Impact

Show the data you need in real time with custom reports and dashboards. Easily track and measure your program performance, client outcomes, and organizational goals. Showcase your impact by exporting and sharing your reports with funders, partners, and stakeholders.

Create and view reports that show the data you need in the way you want. Leverage ad hoc queries, pivot reports or even Power BI to generate insights into your data.

Access and analyze your data as soon as it is available and updated. See the latest and most accurate data in your reports and monitor the changes and trends in your data over time. You can also use real-time data to make timely and informed decisions and actions.

Export your data and reports to various formats, such as Excel, PDF, CSV, and more, and save them to your device or cloud storage. You can also share your data and reports with others via email, social media, or online platforms.

Explore and discover patterns, insights, and relationships in your data. Leverage intuitive data visualizations to highlight program success or identify opportunities for improvement.


Empowering human service organizations with the leading technology to deliver efficient, data-driven, and integrated whole person care

Flexible Case Management Software for Nonprofits

Each of these solutions is purpose-built and tailored to a specific use case in the health and human services industry. Get up and running quickly with industry-specific solutions that are designed to empower organizations from day 1.

Data-Informed Decision Making and Reporting

For modern organizations, data is at the core of how they operate. CaseWorthy helps organizations more accurately capture, manage, and report on their data to improve operational efficiencies, determine program impact, and generate better reports for grants and funding.

Integrated Whole Person Care

The individuals and communities you serve are what matter most which is why they are our main focus when building solutions. We are committed to the whole person, supporting health, human services, and social services to promote well-being and empowerment.

Empower Your Mission

See why leading human service organizations choose our solutions to empower their missions.
Schedule a discovery consultation and find out how we can support your unique goals.

Companies like yours thrive with CaseWorthy

We gained a lot more than a basic case management system. Our Community selected CaseWorthy for its user-friendly interface, secure data platform, and affordable cost. The baseline CaseWorthy product is fully “built out” with hundreds of features and capabilities.

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