Individuals who served in the U.S. Military deserve the highest quality support as they adjust to civilian life. They give so much in service and sacrifice to our country, and the help they receive should acknowledge that.
Many veterans experience unique challenges as they adapt to civilian life. Some find this change more difficult than others, and those who have limited support systems may need your help.

The process of adjusting to civilian life from the military can sometimes be confusing and difficult. Leaving the highly structured and ordered ranks of the armed forces for the highly flexible, independent nature of modern society can be strange. While the government does offer a wide variety of services and support for veterans so they can build quality lives for themselves, these programs aren’t always easily accessible. It can also be challenging to translate military experience into marketable skills that can help veterans go back to school or get jobs.

It’s crucial that organizations like yours help veterans overcome the challenges ahead of them and achieve their goals. They deserve nothing less. And because of this, your organization deserves a case management system robust and configurable enough to help you meet their varied needs.


You provide many life-changing services to veterans that all connect together to provide a fulfilling civilian life. It’s our job to make these cases more manageable for you so you can focus on helping your clients.

CaseWorthy offers ways to track many common programs that veterans may participate in, and we provide automations and customized solutions to help you meet their needs.

  • Supportive Services for Veterans and their Families (SSVF): CaseWorthy offers the ability to set veterans and their families up with programs that provide counseling, employment services, higher education opportunities, utility support and more.
  • Housing Services: Some veterans may not have a place to go after returning home, and your organization may be able to help them find a place to live. Military members face a myriad of circumstances that make vets more prone to homelessness. CaseWorthy features many ways to find the right housing situation for them, whether short- or long-term, and monitor their status as they progress through veteran programs
  • Behavioral Health: The mental health aspect of returning home can often be the biggest challenge that veterans face. Some may have substance abuse issues, while others may have to work daily to manage trauma- and anxiety-based conditions. Through CaseWorthy, you can keep track of their individual needs, record notes on their condition and create incident reports to inform the work you’re doing to help them.


Helping veteran clients requires tools that work together seamlessly. CaseWorthy’s set of data management systems are the perfect solution for this.

Using CaseWorthy’s advanced automation tools and intuitive user interface, your organization can rest assured that your clients’ data will stay organized, accessible and transparent to all users.

  • Customizable dashboards: Using CaseWorthy’s dashboard features, you’ll be able to see every piece of veteran client data that you need. From there, you can use it to establish goals, determine service eligibility and monitor a client’s journey. The ease of access offered by this bird’s-eye view enables you to save time on administrative work and build better relationships with your clients.
  • Assessments: Our wide variety of custom assessments allows you to gather useful information from veteran clients, like demographics, skills, interests and current needs. CaseWorthy analyzes this data and helps caseworkers find employment, housing, transportation, healthcare, and education opportunities for their clients.
  • Reports: Compile data on your veteran clients and their needs into many different formats and document types so it can be presented to fellow staff, administrative boards and other organizations. From budgets to client and program successes, you can see and display the many different outcomes of the services you provide.


  • Grants, funding and time tracking: Keep a close eye on the budgetary details of your organization through our account management and timing tools. Clear access to this information helps you know how every dollar is used. Additionally, it can help you get more funding where you need it most.
  • Workflows: CaseWorthy seeks to make your data entry and management tasks much simpler and more efficient. Using these automated task completion tools, you can rapidly input client data and watch as it gets organized and analyzed into actionable insights.
  • Security and compliance: We offer a high level of privacy and encryption for all of your client and program data, which is stored on our secure, well-monitored servers. If your organization uses specific metrics or regulations such as HUD and HMIS to stay compliant, we offer those integrations as well.

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We’re honored to assist organizations like yours, and proud to play a part  in assisting our veterans.

CaseWorthy’s advanced features and full configurability set it apart and make it an easy choice for many case management needs. If this sounds like a solution that could work for your nonprofit, contact us today to schedule a demo!