Veterans Services

Enable the Highest Quality Support While Adapting to Civilian Life

There are more than 18 million veterans in the US and many need help transitioning back into civilian life. Streamline your organization’s support and better identify eligible services by efficiently recording client information, tracking client interactions, and creating customizable reports. 

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Organizations can track services like:

A Seamless Solution for Efficiently Assisting Veterans

Provide life-changing services to veterans that help them on their path towards a fulfilling civilian life. Simplify case management so you can focus on helping your clients, not managing software. Record client information, determine service eligibility, and generate custom reports. 

Our Solutions Provide:

Robust tools for individual needs tracking, notes on client's condition, and incident reports

Data to help find the right housing situation for clients and status monitoring as they progress

Multi-service & referral capabilities so veterans can get the assistance they need when they need it

Customizable data capture for the specific information you need including customizable fields, dictation, and concise progress updates

Reporting tools for effortless data analysis. Find innovative and data-informed ways to improve your impact

Achieve More with CaseWorthy

Our industry-leading case management solution empowers organizations to deliver better services, improve outcomes, and streamline workflows by combining your program data and business operations into a single, scalable solution. 

We gained a lot more than a basic case management system. Our Community selected CaseWorthy for its user-friendly interface, secure data platform, and affordable cost. The baseline CaseWorthy product is fully “built out” with hundreds of features and capabilities.

Director of Fragile Families Initiative, Community Council of St. Charles County

Veterans Services

Deliver the Best Possible Care

As veterans adapt to civilian life, they face distinct challenges, and your support becomes crucial.

The process of adjusting to civilian life from the military can sometimes be confusing and difficult. Leaving the highly structured and ordered ranks of the armed forces for the highly flexible, independent nature of modern society can be strange.

While the government does offer a wide variety of services and support for veterans so they can build quality lives for themselves, these programs aren’t always easily accessible. It can also be challenging to translate military experience into marketable skills that can help veterans go back to school or get jobs.

The data you capture through CaseWorthy will help establish better programs and support for veterans to achieve their goals and overcome the challenges ahead of them. 

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The flexibility in CaseWorthy is my favorite feature. The ability to just pop in fields on the fly as we evolve and see what new type of questions or items we want to track. Adding that to an assessment cause is simple. Even building some simple reporting is pretty easy.

Director of Information Technology, CAP Lancaster

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To put it simply, CaseWorthy is one of the greatest virtual storybooks ever made… but for organizations. It tells our stories in a unique way by capturing each client we serve, every program and service we provide, and all of the deeper connections that exist between the two.

Salina Chiles, Data Manager, Goodwill Washington DC


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