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Empower Hope and Healing

Is your organization committed to assisting individuals as they heal from physical, emotional, economical and sexual trauma? Since many of these situations can be life or death, it’s imperative that your organization has the right tools to assist a survivor in getting out of their situation and into a safe environment.

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Transform Care for Survivors:

Domestic Violence

Human Trafficking

Sexual Abuse

Empower Survivors with Tailored Case Management Software

CaseWorthy is here to support the crucial work you do by providing a secure, flexible platform that suits all your case management needs.

Our Solutions Provide:

Best-in-class security features to protect the privacy of the people you support.

Rapid data analysis to enable quick thinking and quality care.

Seamless client referrals, ensuring easy communication with support organizations.

Central database to collect vital information to get people the help they need.

Customizable user roles to determine which teams can see what information.

Efficient tools to handle hotline calls, track demographics, and streamline crisis communication intake.

Achieve More with CaseWorthy

Our industry-leading case management solution empowers organizations to deliver better services, improve outcomes, and streamline workflows by combining your program data and business operations into a single, scalable solution. 

We gained a lot more than a basic case management system. Our Community selected CaseWorthy for its user-friendly interface, secure data platform, and affordable cost. The baseline CaseWorthy product is fully “built out” with hundreds of features and capabilities.

Director of Fragile Families Initiative, Community Council of St. Charles County

Workforce Development Plus

Deliver the Best Possible Care

A Safe Haven for Your Clients and Their Data

Streamline data management and expedite the process of supporting survivors with the assistance they need.

Our case management software simplifies the data management process on all fronts. When caseworkers and staff across your organization can access the information they need, you’ll be more equipped to better understand the individuals you serve and provide them with the help they desperately seek.

Whether it begins with a hotline call, a referral from the authorities or another nonprofit, or the arrival of a client in an emergency housing location, the outcome depends on your organization’s ability to assess the situation and provide quick support.

The more efficient the process, the quicker your clients will be able to take control of their situation.

Ready to Get Started?

Learn why health and human service organizations thrive with CaseWorthy. Our expert team is ready to consult with you on the unique needs of your organization.

The flexibility in CaseWorthy is my favorite feature. The ability to just pop in fields on the fly as we evolve and see what new type of questions or items we want to track. Adding that to an assessment cause is simple. Even building some simple reporting is pretty easy.

Director of Information Technology, CAP Lancaster

If you are in crisis, here are some immediate resources to help victims of abuse and violence:

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To put it simply, CaseWorthy is one of the greatest virtual storybooks ever made… but for organizations. It tells our stories in a unique way by capturing each client we serve, every program and service we provide, and all of the deeper connections that exist between the two.

Salina Chiles, Data Manager, Goodwill Washington DC


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