Focus on Supporting Individuals and Streamlining HCBS Management and Billing

Empower your agency and foster compassionate care through simplified scheduling, documentation, and billing for Home and Community-Based Services. Ensure a seamless journey to reimbursement, enhancing care for individuals under your agency’s guidance.

Connect by CaseWorthy

“Connect is a database for everything we do – so we can easily pull information on anything we need, whenever we need it.”

Industry-leading Client Management and Billing Capabilities

Connect by CaseWorthy provides Home and Community-Based Services with agency management and billing solutions to stay focused on providing care to individuals in need. Enhance your operations with better scheduling, documentation, and tools to support individuals and streamline reimbursements for the services you provide.

Our solution also helps you stay compliant in a highly regulated industry, as well as providing electronic visit verification (EVV), and self-guided care options.

Improve Outcomes By Streamlining Agency Management

Streamline Reimbursements for HCBS Claims

Native electronic integrations with a variety of payers means the claim cycle is simplified and much faster. Connect with any number of payers and securely submit via EDI to support billing specialists and manage remittances, voids, and adjustments.

Agencies have the flexibility to submit to as many payers as they need. Integrating with multiple clearinghouses, portals or SFTP’s is an option. There is no limit on the amount of payers that Connect can interface with.

Meet the unique specifications of each payer with a customized interface build that allows for a variety of required file types specific to the clearinghouse or Medicaid system being submitted to.

Improve claim accuracy and reduce denials and rejections with automated checks for missing data or agency errors as well background audits to ensure clean 837 file submission.

Connect by CaseWorthy

Schedule Individual Services and Employee Coverage in one Tool

Keep the calendar clear for who is receiving services and who is providing care.

See multiple schedules in different views. Simplify scheduling for individuals as well as ensure employees are on the calendar for the same times. Schedule views include – individuals, services, employees, open shifts, and managers/supervisors views.

The scheduling tool provides immediate access to documentation entry and at-a-glance workflow completion information to ensure data quality and client information accuracy.

Enable individuals and their circle of support to access schedules and information through our Person-Centered Portal.

Connect by CaseWorthy

Provide More Services by Quickly Checking Eligibility

Improve user experience and eligibility by seeing their 270/271 file. This transaction for each individual shows their eligibility for all available services. File transmission is also automated through interface to state Medicaid.

Show all individual services available for billing to state Medicaid with a native integration with 271 data which shows the eligibility for each individual.

When 271 files are ingested, they will display if there is coverage for individuals or ineligible individuals for service requested.

Connect by CaseWorthy

Ensure your Documentation is Compliant

Connect by Caseworthy is built with standard compliance features to ensure documentation accuracy and adherence alongside optional customizations to complete required documentation.

Use our template builder to develop customized note templates for narratives or discrete data collection, to capture the information your agency needs.

Link individual goals to related documentation as well as report on goal progress and set regularly monitor individual progress.

Develop custom views for individual and service-specific data tracking, including vitals and behaviors.

Set automated alerts and notifications to notify for incomplete workflows or document needs. Alerts can be specific to each user and you can assign errors or fixes to the responsible person.

Connect by CaseWorthy

Maintain EVV Compliance and Capture Visit Information

Connect by Caseworthy includes online and offline capabilities to maintain EVV compliance and capture required geo-location information related to individual visits.

Simplify check-in and check-out data capture with full web, mobile, or telephone-based capabilities.

Easily monitor EVV data in dashboards and reports to ensure accuracy and identify potential compliance issues.

Sync your EVV data 3rd party data aggregators alongside an EVV transaction dashboard for agency administrators to monitor the interface and intervene if issues arise.

Connect by CaseWorthy

Empower self-directing individuals with our Person-Centered Portal

Supports members who are self-directing by accessing Connect by CaseWorthy solutions via the Person-Centered Portal including budgeting, service approvals, scheduling, and more.

Leverage out-of-the box features to support members and process fiscal intermediary requirements.

Self-directed budgets can be linked to billing remittances, keeping the remaining balance always up to date.

Individuals can approve services and see related details through the Person-Centered Portal.

Individuals can view and change upcoming service delivery appointments in the Person-Centered Portal. They can also authorize access to their Circle of Support to view or change service appointments as well.

Connect by CaseWorthy

Centralize and Manage Information Across Your Agency

Streamline Billing & Claims Submission

Spend less time worrying about billing and reimbursement. Submit claims electronically with the most compliant workflow, make adjustments and track payments easily. Utilize prior approvals and authorizations to help with auditing.

Enhanced Service Documentation

Ensure your documentation meets your requirements. Monitor quality compliance and performance with quantitative reporting, customizable documentation, and our advanced notification center. View plans and daily notes to track task completion.

Integrated EVV & Mobile Capabilities

Reduce fraud and abuse by complying with federal and state requirements to improve quality, increase accuracy, promote financial accountability, and reduce risk for abuse and neglect. Comply with the 21st Century Cures Act using our fully integrated mobile solution, ensuring that direct support professionals can check-in and check-out with ease.

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