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The Highest Data Security Standards in the Industry

CaseWorthy is a leader in data security, hosting, deployments, and policy development. Our platforms offer high system availability and security-focused environments which are monitored 24/7/365 by our dedicated internal information security team. CaseWorthy’s clients also routinely collaborate with our separate internal Compliance team on the latest regulatory requirements and guidance, to promote consistent compliance and industry expertise.

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Encrypted using industry standards. Secure FTP and 2048-bit SSL used between Web and SQL Servers behind firewalls and load balancers. 

High Availability

Servers are located within East Coast Availability Zones – all services are redundant (in mirrored environments). 

Access Control

Role-based access controls through the applications ensures the user can permit or restrict access as needed to meet your specific business needs. 

Network Security

Role-based security, ACLs, firewalls, filtering through web app firewalls, and network restriction via VPCs/VNets. 

Security, Incident & Event Monitoring

Network traffic and updated threat intelligence leveraged 24x7x365 to monitor network traffic for threat actors. 

Penetration Testing

Annual penetration testing conducted by trusted third parties to ensure applications and data are secure. 

Secure Remote Access

No public-facing access; all ingress points via VPN or Load Balancer that are constantly monitored. 

Vulnerability Scanning

Infrastructure and web-facing scans are conducted regularly.  SIEM also does monthly scans of all public internet facing IP addresses and FQDNS. 

Data Backup

Data is copied to multiple availability zones for redundancy. 


Up to date on the latest regulatory requirements and guidance (including HITRUST for Connect by CaseWorthy); applications hosted in SOC1/SOC2 certified environments.

Performance Monitoring

Server performance (CPU, drive space, memory utilization) and security event monitoring and alerts. 


Instances in hardened virtual cloud environments (AWS or Azure) for enhanced scalability. 

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