Helping people find a stable job is one of the most empowering things your organization does.

Steady work can often help individuals feel stable and secure, two of humanity’s most basic needs. Your organization helps provide for these basic needs by guiding individuals as they pursue their employment goals. CaseWorthy offers nonprofits and humanitarian organizations the ability to create online resources, tools and training that will help people find jobs and ultimately become more self-sufficient. And it’s available to them at any time, from anywhere.

Case managers using CaseWorthy's case management software

Our software is helpful for monitoring client progress, and employers’ offerings.

In order to find the right fit for your clients, you need to be just as informed about the employers you partner with. You can track employers’ open applications, how long they’ve been with your organization, schedule mock interviews, see upcoming job fairs, and learn more about how they help the community at large. You can implement variations of our software’s features for employers and clients.

The Employment Web Portal: A one-stop shop for job-seekers.

The CaseWorthy portal can serve as a hub for clients who are looking for jobs. It provides them with a single location to fill out electronic forms for assistance with their employment search. In the platform, clients can also receive support and training. It’s available 24/7 from any device with an internet connection. This intuitive portal will give your clients a convenient way to enroll in job skills classes, see job listings, complete assessments and reach out to your staff for personalized support. It’s accessible by most industry standards, so your clients can find work opportunities and apply for them virtually anywhere. It’s secure and safe so your clients can rest assured that their information is in good hands.

To see the Employment Web Portal in action, watch our on-demand webinar to see how CaseWorthy’s platform makes it easy to offer employment services.

CaseWorthy's case management software dashboard

Monitor client progress, and employers’ offerings with ease

CaseWorthy makes it easier to help your clients even after they’ve found one.

Helping your clients find a job is just one step in a much larger process. Because CaseWorthy’s focus is on the client and not on separate services, your organization will be able to see all of the client’s needs and what services they qualify for. Your caseworkers understand better than anyone that if basic needs aren’t met, focusing on a career is all the more daunting. Your clients may need access to education, nutritious food or temporary or transitional housing. CaseWorthy’s referral process makes it easier than ever to connect clients with the services they need that go beyond just a job. And of course, CaseWorthy can help your caseworkers create plans to help your job-hunting clients achieve positive outcomes down the road. For this reason, CaseWorthy offers:

  • Sophisticated skills assessments: Help your clients figure out where their talents lie and find work that suits them. This can also help you determine what other programs might help them become more self-sufficient, like enrolling them in classes to gain certifications for marketable skills.
  • Support for goal planning: Many of your clients need help beyond the job front. Seeing their needs from a holistic perspective can help you develop a plan for a custom workforce development program that bridges the gap between employers and prospects.
  • Integration with other services: CaseWorthy includes maximum interoperability with all of your organization’s other services (and the services of partner organizations) so you can help your clients find beds to sleep in, transportation to work and much more.
  • Communication: Not only can caseworkers communicate with one another and their clients through our software, but they can also connect with employers in their networks who can help their clients by providing them with job opportunities.
  • Calendar integration: To ensure that your clients get the support they need, CaseWorthy also offers advanced calendar integration for developing reminders, scheduling appointments and check-ins and organizing the details of a client’s case and the services they’re receiving.
CaseWorthy offers convenience and improved efficiency for the busy caseworker. See all of your clients’ information in one place.

CaseWorthy is completely customizable. No matter what your organization’s needs and preferences are, we can build a solution that works for you and can grow with you. Not only that, it will be intuitive to use, and grants you access to all your essential data. Features of this software include:

  • Customizable dashboards: See your clients’ employment status, program approvals or requests and other needs in one location, and connect them to programs and other organizations. Add biometric tools, data uploads, signature support, voice-recorded case notes and much more. These dashboards enable the utmost transparency and easy access to tools and analytics.
  • Assessments: Determine your clients’ most pressing needs and their skills through our comprehensive set of questionnaires and sophisticated, rules-based matching systems.
  • Reports: Keep track of client progression and needs, along with current program involvement, in a readable, shareable, logical format that holds to compliance needs (including SER, ASR, HVRP and CC USA).
  • Grants, funding and time tracking: Leverage our advanced resource-use tools to determine how you can help clients and where you may need more support in the future.
  • Workflows: These step-by-step processes enable your busy caseworkers to input client demographics, employment information and other necessary data. This information can then be used to create actionable steps for your clients and help lead them to positive outcomes.
  • Security and compliance: Your clients value their privacy. And oftentimes, an assurance of data security is required to meet compliance standards. That’s why CaseWorthy offers the highest level of modern data encryption and meets the compliance regulations of your organization.  

We know that you and your clients need to work together seamlessly to achieve success. That’s why our software is built with ease of use in mind.

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Career & Employment Software Making Employment Easier

"CaseWorthy has provided our organization with a flexible case management platform that enables us to meet the ever-changing needs of the community.  As we pursue our mission to overcome obstacles to work, CaseWorthy provides us with functionality to nimbly respond to the system needs of these programs."

Julie Treglown | Goodwill of Central and Coastal VA

"To put it simply, CaseWorthy is one of the greatest virtual storybooks ever made… but for organizations. It tells our stories in a unique way by capturing each client we serve, every program and service we provide, and all of the deeper connections that exist between the two. Then, it sums all that up in one place to paint a"

Salina Chiles | Data Manager, Workforce Development – Goodwill Washington DC

"The CaseWorthy customer support team is responsive and easy to work with. They ensure that any questions or issues are dealt with and always meet or exceed my expectations. The CaseWorthy system is completely flexible and customizable to meet our case management needs and has the capacity to accommodate all our future needs."

Deanna David | Goodwill Redwood Empire

"Our community partners are excited to have a database that’s easy to use and can generate program and service reports at the client, program, agency, and community level. CaseWorthy has many advanced features that will allow us to grow a community system without incurring huge amounts of additional costs for each product enhancement. Many features are built into the baseline"

Dottie Kastigar | Director of Fragile Families Initiative, Community Council of St. Charles County

"We really wanted to have a centralized intake across the county for the social services organizations that were providing any type of service – from food pantry and community meals, to case management for families and kids, to dads in prison. We didn’t want clients to have to tell their story every single time they walked in the door because"

Jennifer Koppel | Executive Director of LCCEH

"CaseWorthy makes a large number of reports available but you also have the ability to create your own if you’re familiar with SQL and the SSRS tool. We added a handful of our own since the apBuilder interface makes it so easy to upload the report and add query parameters on the form."

Jeff Bloes | Non-Profit Organization Management for Goodwill Industries

"As a non-profit working with homeless youth and families we needed a centralized solution to enter all client level data and use the system as a case management tool. The CaseWorthy system is easy to use and really allows the customer full flexibility in how it needs to work for their programs. Our end users have all praised the system"

Alex Price | Data Project Manager for Cocoon House

"Our organization needed to replace our aging, not-user-friendly case management system and chose CaseWorthy after reviewing multiple other software options. We were able to build a custom system for our exact needs and had a pretty flawless transition from our old system to CaseWorthy. I absolutely recommend CaseWorthy to any organization that needs a concise, custom, and user-friendly case management"

Emily Hickman | Business Intelligence Specialist, Arc Southern Maryland

"Thanks to CaseWorthy, we now have state-of-the-art technology to help us improve the delivery and coordination of services countywide. Our community is adopting new assessment tools, common intake forms, electronic referrals, fund tracking and much more. CaseWorthy meets the needs of diverse community organizations in our Continuum of Care."

Mary Hutchison | Executive Director, Community Council of St. Charles County

"If you want evidence-driven service, then CaseWorthy is the best. I’ve designed and used primary data collection systems for 26 years and helped many non-profits “work-around” the limitations in their off-the shelf software products. My main objective was to find a product that could be customized without going back to the vendor to pay and pay. You will not need"

Peter Dore | Director of Data Management for Brown School of Social Work

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