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Elevate Aging Service Case Management & Insights

Unleash the power of integrated case management and data analytics to make informed decisions, improve client outcomes, and enhance service delivery for older adults.

Aging Service Solutions

Empowering the Aging Service Ecosystem

Better Data for Better Decisions & Service Delivery

CaseWorthy Case Management + Aging Services empowers Planning and Service Areas (PSAs) and Direct Service Providers (DSPs) to deliver exceptional care to older adults by seamlessly integrating case management with service delivery and providing the tools to make data-informed decisions.

The combined of CaseWorthy’s case management solution and ServTracker’s industry-leading service tracking, this solution is purpose-built for aging service providers looking to take control of their data and reporting to enhance operational efficiencies and improve client outcomes.

Connect Insights to Impact with Data-Informed Case Management

Elevate Case Management Data and Service Delivery Operations

Conduct comprehensive assessments, develop individualized care plans, track progress, and manage service authorizations seamlessly within ServTracker, powered by CaseWorthy’s robust case management platform.

Collect and evaluate the needs and preferences of your clients during the intake process. Customize intake forms and assessments with different types of questions. Set validation rules and scoring methods for your intake forms and assessments. You can also use intake forms and assessments to determine the eligibility and suitability of your clients for different programs and services.

Plan and coordinate the services and interventions for your clients based on their goals and needs. Create and update service plans with different components and track and monitor the progress and results of your service plans and referrals. You can also create and manage referrals to other agencies and partners.

Authorize and request the services and resources that are needed and allocated for your clients. Create and manage service authorizations and service requests with different details. Use service authorizations and service requests to communicate and coordinate with other providers and vendors that deliver the services and resources for your clients.

Client Intake

Breakdown Data Silos and Fragmentation

Gain a unified view of all services and authorizations across ServTracker directly within CaseWorthy, eliminating data silos and streamlining workflows.

Import data from various sources, such as Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, and APIs, and map and transform the data to fit your data fields and forms. You can also export data to various destinations, such as Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, and APIs, and format and filter the data to meet your requirements and expectations.

Keep your data consistent and updated across different systems and platforms. Connect and synchronize your data with other systems and for accurate and current data. You can also set the frequency and timing of your data synchronization and monitor and manage your data sync status and logs.

Enhance and extend the functionality and capability of your case management software. Easily integrate with 40+ third-party applications that provide complementary or specialized features and services for your case management and service delivery. You can also access and use the features and services of the third-party applications within your case management software interface.


Gain a Holistic View of Service Delivery with Real-time Data Aggregation

Show the data you need in real time with custom reports and dashboards. Easily track and measure your program performance, client outcomes, and organizational goals. Showcase your impact by exporting and sharing your reports with funders, partners, and stakeholders.

Utilize embedded BI tools like Power BI to aggregate and analyze service delivery data, identify trends, measure outcomes, and make informed decisions to improve program effectiveness.

Access and analyze your data as soon as it is available and updated. See the latest and most accurate data in your reports and monitor the changes and trends in your data over time. You can also use real-time data to make timely and informed decisions and actions.

Explore and discover patterns, insights, and relationships in your data. Leverage intuitive data visualizations to highlight program success or identify opportunities for improvement.

Power BI Embedded

Leverage Data Insights to Personalize Service and Track Client Outcomes

Gain a holistic view of service delivery with real-time data aggregation and insightful reports. Track a wide range of aging services with precision, optimize staff scheduling and routes, and eliminate duplicate data entry through our industry-specific features.

The solution offers native templates & reports specifically designed for common aging services such as meals, transportation, and caregiving.

Customized client profiles allow you to store and manage all the information about your clients in one secure and centralized location. Document basic demographic information or enhance profiles with additional information, such as demographics, family members, income, education, health, and more. You can also attach documents, photos, and notes to your client profiles.

Document and record the interactions and transactions that you have with your clients and other parties. Create and edit case notes with different formats and predefined templates. You can also attach documents, photos, signatures, and notes to your case notes.

Aging Service Solutions

Aging Service Solutions Use Cases

CaseWorthy Case Management + Aging Services empowers PSAs and DSPs to deliver exceptional care to older adults by seamlessly integrating case management with service delivery and providing the tools to make data-informed decisions. 

Unleashing the Power of Data for PSAs

Transform Data into Action for Informed Decisions and Better Outcomes

Empower PSAs to analyze service delivery data, identify trends, measure outcomes, and make informed decisions to improve program effectiveness and client outcomes.

  • Embedded BI tools like Power BI for easy data visualization and analysis.
  • Customizable dashboards to track key metrics and progress.
  • Data-driven insights to inform care planning and resource allocation.

Seamless Collaboration for Enhanced Care

Connect Teams, Improve Communication, and Deliver Better Outcomes

Facilitate seamless communication and collaboration between PSAs and DSPs, ensuring coordinated care and timely service delivery.

  • Real-time access to client information and service records across teams.
  • Secure messaging and task management tools for efficient collaboration.
  • Improved care coordination and client outcomes.

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The flexibility in CaseWorthy is my favorite feature. The ability to just pop in fields on the fly as we evolve and see what new type of questions or items we want to track. Adding that to an assessment cause is simple. Even building some simple reporting is pretty easy.

Director of Information Technology, CAP Lancaster

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