Case Study – Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness (CCEH)

Ending Homelessness in Connecticut

The Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness (CCEH) was founded in 1982 in response to increased homelessness resulting from cuts to federal assistance programs, low wages, and a rise in housing costs. The coalition represents more than 75 partners – emergency shelter providers, transitional housing providers, community and business leaders – who all share the goal to end homelessness. CCEH works with communities throughout the state to advance this goal through leadership, advocacy, research, and education.

To assist CCEH in their efforts to end homelessness, they have teamed up with CaseWorthy’s Case Management Software and seen some great benefits.  They shared how they accomplished this in their new Case Study.  Some of the main benefits they have seen are:

  • A Centralized Case Management Solution– CCEH has benefited from having the entire state on one consistent HMIS platform. They have saved valuable time and money by being able to access all data in one spot.
  • A Coordinated Entry System through all HMIS – CCEH has now been able to streamline access to homeless response resources across the entire state.
  • Open Data Sharing– Since all of their data is in one place, providers across Connecticut are able to share and compare data. This means providers can be more effective in helping meet the needs of their clients by utilizing the client history stored in CaseWorthy™.
  • User Customization– CaseWorthy™ is a flexible interface that has allowed CCEH to make changes, add functionality as needed, and make CaseWorthy™ the advanced case management system suitable for the state.
  • Improved Staff Productivity – With CaseWorthy™, case managers and staff no longer have to interpret generic software but instead, can follow streamlined processes designed on their specific workflows, saving them valuable time.
  • User-Friendly Reporting – Now that Connecticut is all under one system, all funders and providers use the same reports to gather the information they need.
Though we’re a small state, there are a lot of local configurations in our system. We don’t just have our HUD-funded projects. We also have a lot of small soup kitchens, homeless outreach projects, mental health providers, permanent and rapid re-housing beds, and hospitals that are all participating as part of our organization. We made the decision to go with CaseWorthy due to its flexibility, and how much easier it was to use than the multiple platforms used in Connecticut before.
— Brian Roccapriore
CCEH Director of HMIS and Strategic Analysis

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