CaseWorthy continues to meet the needs of the Industry with v7.0

CaseWorthy, Inc., is very excited to announce the release of Version 7.0 of its Advanced Case Management Software for Health and Human/Social Services.  This new feature and enhancement rich version will positively impact every existing and new customer.  Scott Argeris, CaseWorthy’s President, says “the feature rich contemporary connections to social media sites, outbound communication methods based on individual client needs, Paypal and credit card processing are all ready to go at your fingertips. Version 7.0 will provide functionality that our enterprise clients expect”.

The release of Multi-Org capability is the latest in a string of firsts in the Health and Human Services space. This ground-breaking technology allows a single deployed database to contain unlimited unique organizations running autonomously. Those organizations will be able to share specific date elements as needed across the shared community but also fully control forms, workflows, reporting, etc. 

Version 7.0’s second unique feature set is included in the CaseWorthy™ Portal.  A fully manageable, content-based portal tied with the CaseWorthy™ database allows for a myriad of outfacing options.  Employment and online Career Management, Volunteer Management, Donor Management and Grants Management, just to name a few, are ready for our clients.  The tool sets allow for unique branding for any client and are well suited to be deployed at Kiosks for very focused data capture.

CaseWorthy, Inc., is very excited to bring such a quality product to market.  We would be pleased to provide specific presentations that address individual organizational goals.  Please reach out to us at www.


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