CaseWorthy Customer Provides Insight on Community-Wide Solutions

As part of the CaseWorthy webinar series, we were pleased to host a customer’s perspective featuring Lancaster County Coalition to End Homelessness (LCCEH) Executive Director, Jennifer Koppel. She presents a very insightful perspective full of quantifiable data on how CaseWorthy’s case management software has helped the LCCEH community come together and help those they serve. Koppel stated,

“When we talked to CaseWorthy, one thing we really liked was the flexibility of it. We really wanted to have a centralized intake. We have one for our homelessness world but we wanted a centralized intake across the county for the social services organizations that were providing any type of service…from food pantry to community meals to case management for families and kids or dads in prison, really any social service organizations. We didn’t want clients to have tell their story every single time they walked in the door…because that is really frustrating.  So we really wanted to improve the quality of the experience of coming into our system and CaseWorthy helped us do that!”

Watch the full customer-led community-wide solution webinar here.

We want to thank Jennifer Koppel, Executive Director and Jason Harnish, Program Coordinator of LCCEH for sharing their community-wide solution with all of us!

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