CaseWorthy, Inc. Launches Web Portal Technology for Nonprofits

CaseWorthy™ is pleased to announce a new web portal technology designed specifically for nonprofits and human service agencies. The new web portal allows clients and volunteers the freedom to manage their own information and access personal data and organizational information conveniently through a web browser. “This technology is unprecedented in the world of nonprofits and human service organizations” says Scott Argeris, President of CaseWorthy, Inc.“ Organizations can set up their own web portal giving clients and volunteers the ability to  login and access information, input data, download forms, and even complete workflows – all of which will reduce the workload on internal staff who usually collect this data in person.”

The entire portal is configurable through the CaseWorthy ™ apBuilder™ framework and supports an unlimited number of page layouts. Each page includes administration tools for configuration of forms and navigation as well as content and related help. Additionally the web portal has a common look and feel that includes navigation options as well as content and photos. Scott Argeris continues “We are so pleased to offer this cutting edge technology. This could be a real game changer for many organizations as immediate access is today’s way of life and this robust solution provides the framework to support organizational needs today and into the future.”


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