CaseWorthy introduces our Volunteer Management capability

The goal of Non-Profit agencies is to provide services to more clients with less funding, a true dilemma!

Organizations offering programs in the Health and Human Services industry are constantly trying to deliver quality services with ever shrinking budgets.  Tighter budgets coupled with expanding client needs have forced organizations to reinvent themselves in ways they never thought possible.  One trend is to expand the volunteer base to fill that gap.  This approach is expanding nationwide and putting an entirely different set of regulatory requirements on Organizations. Volunteers are providing services for Organizations that were never planned for in the overall vision.

CaseWorthy, Inc. is pleased to introduce our Volunteer Management capability utilizing the outfacing portal.  This approach allows for a significant reduction of internal management of growing the Volunteer base.  New volunteer intakes are provided via the Web.  Internal approvals with outgoing emails for acceptance is supported.  Volunteers can sign up for events and manage time all through the portal.  Volunteers with mandated community services hours from the court are provided for with court reporting as necessary.  All this capability – and only minor impacts to the existing staff.

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