CaseWorthy Releases Automated Job Match Functionality

CaseWorthy has just released new job matching functionality into its software that enables organizations to automate various processes relating to job order data, client data, and job openings. “This new functionality is extraordinarily helpful to organizations that use CaseWorthy for workforce development and job matching” says CEO Brian Bingel.  “It automates tasks and processes that are commonly used at organizations such as Goodwill Services, and various local government agencies that help people obtain employment.” 

CaseWorthy’s job matching functionality is designed to work in tandem with it’s recently announced web portal. Organizations using CaseWorthy can use the portal to have users enter information such as work history, skills, experience, and education. The job matching functionality then uses algorithms to match available positions in the database to the candidate based on their inputs and other known criteria. The technology is designed to filter and match candidates and eliminate much of the busy work often done by case workers and agency employees.  The job matching functionality allows organizations to set up specific criteria and workflows. One such workflow might involve adding unacceptable crimes for a certain job (such as a theft conviction making a candidate ineligible to apply for a cashier position). “There are limitless possibilities and it’s all configurable right within the CaseWorthy framework”, says Bingel. “There’s no need to have various software programs and online subscriptions when you can do it all within one configurable product.”  The CaseWorthy automated job matching functionality is available immediately for organizations across the United States.

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