CaseWorthy’s vision of data sharing in communities coming to fruition

Every industry has ebbs and flows and the Social Services market is not immune. For years, CaseWorthy, Inc. has had a vision that encompasses total community involvement. The notion that data remain in silos has cost communities and individuals dearly. Only when data is shared among professionals to attain a common goal will we make an impact on the less fortunate.

It is very rewarding to see CaseWorthy’s vision starting to blossom across the country. Providers are interested in sharing common data. We are starting to see this across all facets of social services. There are very few software vendors prepared or capable to support these market shifts. Robust tools that address a myriad of programs are needed for the community as are data structures that provide individual and community reporting. Both are needed for successful deployment.

CaseWorthy is pleased to provide all of these features and continues to prepare software solutions for a dynamic, evolving market. Please visit our website at www.


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