Community Council of St. Charles County Chooses CaseWorthy Inc. for Case Management Solution

CaseWorthy Inc. is pleased to announce that the Community Council of St. Charles County has selected CaseWorthy™ as its foundational software. This implementation launched at the beginning of July 2015. Community Council of St. Charles County accomplishes many services in their community and CaseWorthy has helped them become more productive and have greater intra-agency efficiencies and inter-agency collaborations. This partnership has provided a solution that has met and exceeded every aspect of the original scope Community Council of St. Charles County envisioned.

Mary Hutchison executive director at the Community Council of St. Charles County stated, “Within hours of going live, our staff could easily run programs and organizational reports. Our agencies immediately commented about the ease of use of CaseWorthy™, it is so easy to use! The CaseWorthy application and the staff’s help exceeded our expectations. They are patient, thorough, responsive and very knowledgeable, as well as, very positive.  They went as fast or as slow as we needed. The application itself will make a difference in the way people in our community access help and services. The application gives us the roadmap and tools to increase communication and coordination among service providers throughout our community.  Our agencies started understanding the potential for working together once they began using the CaseWorthy™ application. Now that we see what is possible, we plan to grow usage by expanding the types of services and number of agencies participating.”

CaseWorthy™ has been so well received at Community Council of St. Charles County that all those who have used it rave of the ease and time saving capability. Dottie Kastigar, a fragile family program manager who uses the CaseWorthy™ software on a daily basis says, “Our Community selected CaseWorthy Inc. for its user friendly interface, up-to-date secure data platform, and affordable cost. We gained a lot more than a basic case management system. The baseline CaseWorthy™ product is fully “built out” with hundreds of features and capabilities. The process to implement CaseWorthy™ has exceeded our expectations. CaseWorthy, Inc. staff provided intensive “hands-on” training during system design, demonstrating tools that would allow us to customize the system for our unique community needs. Most customization involved turning off system functionality that we were not prepared to implement. As our Community moves forward with a community data sharing system for our human service partners, however, we are able to turn on these hidden features, giving us a system that will “grow” with us without depleting our budget.”

CaseWorthy, Inc. is looking forward to implementing and expanding case management software with Community Council of St .Charles County in the future. Community Council of St. Charles County recommends CaseWorthy™ to other human service organizations seeking a database or case management system.

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