Update: State of Connecticut HMIS

The Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness (CCEH) is a statewide organization representing all of the Continuum of Care providers in the state of Connecticut. After a very exhaustive search they selected CaseWorthy as their new HMIS solution in 2013.  The planning process has been very detailed but CaseWorthy is pleased to announce that five (5) of a total of six (6) regions have now converted successfully to the new platform. The final region will move onto the CaseWorthy system in early September which will represent a total migration for the state with an “on-time and under-budget” deployment. .

CaseWorthy is managing  the compliance requirements to assure all direction from HUD has been addressed.  In addition the CaseWorthy apBuilder™ tools have allowed CCEH to have a direct hand on the data being gathered and the daily approach of workflows. Company President Scott Argeris remarked, “CaseWorthy is a much  newer HMIS solution on the market  – the advantages are significant as the system is user friendly and our technology allows us to deliver a superior product along with a fresh new approach to software design.  The overall implementation and adoption of the CT HMIS system has been very smooth and the partnership that has been formed will provide the foundation for years to come.”


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