Don’t Delay, Patch Away: Keep Threats at Bay!

In today’s increasingly digital world, organizations across all sectors, including the human services industry, are relying on technology to deliver critical services and manage sensitive information. However, with these digital advancements come significant cybersecurity risks that can have detrimental consequences if not properly addressed. One of the most fundamental steps in ensuring the security of your systems and data is regular system patching (installing the latest vendor updates). In this piece, we will explore the significance of patching your systems to stay cyber safe within the human services sector.

The Role of Patching in Cybersecurity

Patching your systems is a foundational component of a robust cybersecurity strategy. Here’s why it’s especially crucial in the human services industry:

1. Vulnerability Mitigation

Regular patching helps address known vulnerabilities in your software, operating systems, and applications. Cybercriminals often target these vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data.

2. Compliance

Compliance with data protection regulations is non-negotiable in the human services industry. Regular patching helps ensure that your systems meet these legal requirements.

3. Minimizing Downtime

By addressing software vulnerabilities promptly, you reduce the risk of system crashes, data loss, and downtime that can disrupt services and negatively impact clients.

4. Protecting Critical Systems

Patching is especially important for safeguarding critical infrastructure within the human services industry, such as electronic health record systems, case management software, and financial management platforms.

Best Practices for Effective Patch Management

To make patching an effective component of your cybersecurity strategy within the human services industry, consider the following best practices:

1. Regularly Update Software and Systems

Ensure that all software, including operating systems, applications, and security solutions, is kept up to date with the latest patches. Configure systems to receive automatic updates when possible.

2. Educate Staff

Create a culture of cybersecurity awareness among your staff. Train them to recognize potential security threats and to report them promptly.

3. Utilize Cybersecurity Tools

Consider using cybersecurity tools and services that can help you detect vulnerabilities, monitor your network for anomalies, and respond to threats effectively.

Patching CaseWorthy Platforms

If you’re a CaseWorthy customer, you may be realizing you’ve never applied an update to your CaseWorthy product. Don’t worry! One of the many benefits of being a CaseWorthy customer is that we patch your CaseWorthy products for you!1 Because our products are cloud-based, our software updates are applied automatically. Just be sure to keep your browser and the rest of your device updated.


Cybersecurity is not a one-time effort; it’s an ongoing commitment to protecting sensitive information, ensuring service continuity, and upholding the trust of clients and the public. In the human services industry, the importance of patching systems cannot be overstated. By regularly addressing vulnerabilities and maintaining a proactive stance on cybersecurity, human service agencies can fulfill their vital missions while minimizing the risks associated with digital operations. Stay cyber safe, safeguard sensitive data, and protect your organization’s reputation by making patch management a top priority in your cybersecurity strategy.

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CaseWorthy is a family of products helping organizations to combine their program data and business operations into a single scalable solution. CaseWorthy strives to maintain the highest level of information security to protect its systems, data, and clients. To demonstrate its commitment, it maintains HITRUST and SOC 2 certifications to certify the program through independent third party evaluation. Our commitment extends beyond compliance; it’s a proactive approach that drives us to continuously invest in cutting-edge technologies, adopt best practices, and foster a culture of security awareness among our team. By collaborating with industry experts, sharing insights, and staying vigilant against emerging threats, we contribute to the collective resilience of the business community and demonstrate our dedication to a safer digital world for all.

1 For cloud-based clients. If you are a legacy client with a stand-alone kiosk, you will need to patch your product.


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