Empowered Solutions Group (ESG) Changes Name to CaseWorthy

Empowered Solutions Group, Inc (ESG). is pleased to announce it has officially changed its name to CaseWorthy, Inc. The company was founded in 2008 and is a leading provider of Social Services Technology to include software expertise, and turnkey implementation services. It boasts clients throughout the nation in the HMIS, Goodwill, CAP, and Catholic Charities markets, as well other nonprofits. The company also provides configurable cloud-based software to state, county, and city governments. 

Company president, Scott Argeris explains the reasons for the name change: “We had reached a crossroads with our company’s ability to reach new clients in a contemporary, effective method with our existing marketing efforts. Now that the company has passed the five-year mark, we felt the time was right to make a branding change that will help us become a more recognized leader within our market.”  Argeris continues, “The name Empowered Solutions Group has served us well, but over time there has been some branding confusion – particularly when people search for us online.  After conducting a fair amount of research, our leadership team unanimously decided to change our company and product name to CaseWorthy. We’re excited about the change and feel confident it will help eliminate the confusion, allow us to be found more easily online, and ultimately help us become a more recognizable leader in the world of human and social services software.” 

The company name change coincides with a major product release, to be called CaseWorthy 5.0. This latest product release features significant enhancements to the user interface. CEO Brian Bingel boasts, “We’ve been working with a fantastic team of software engineers and user-interface experts for months to develop a truly cutting edge visual interface.  The new release has a clean, crisp look-and-feel that is designed similar to many of the familiar social media sites. Although we’re just four years removed from our initial release, with technology evolving so quickly, we felt it was important to invest time and resources into our product to ensure we have the most cutting edge software in our industry.  The new user-interface, along with  other recent enhancements, demonstrate our commitment to be an industry leader in the Health and Human Social Solution industry.”  

The company name change to CaseWorthy, Inc. along with the release of CaseWorthy 5.0 will all occur during the month of July. The company has also just launched a new contemporary web site which can be found at www.CaseWorthy.com.


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