Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), Family First Health chooses CaseWorthy as their Advanced Case Management Software

York County, PA: CaseWorthy is excited to announce a new Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), Family First Health (www.familyfirsthealth.org) has chosen CaseWorthy as their Advanced Case Management Software.  CaseWorthy will work alongside their current EHR system to help them meet the continuum of care needs for their patients.  They adopted the system to manage the case management work of three of their programs, primarily their Caring Together program.  The system allows them to move away from paper charts to an electronic case management system.  CaseWorthy will enhance the work of case managers by allowing for automated processes and workflows, providing useful outcomes data, and ensuring follow up tasks for patients.

CarrieAnn Frolio, VP of Integration and Business Development, from Family First Health stated:
“Family First Health is excited about the opportunities CaseWorthy presents to our departments and our community.  We chose CaseWorthy as our starting point for moving from paper to electronic records due to the current product meeting our immediate needs and the possibilities of future growth.”

Family First Health:  
Family First Health is a federally qualified health center (FQHC) that is accessible and community-minded. We take a beyond healthy approach that goes outside the confines of the doctor’s office. As an inclusive health care model, we put everyone first. We want happy, healthy patients who can live better lives in better health. We strive to build a healthy community by being having accessible community health centers in the counties York, Adams, and Lancaster.  In addition to quality medical and dental care,  Family First Health has programs including integrated behavioral and substance use services, Connections for a Healthy Pregnancy, Caring Together, and Nurse-Family Partnership.

CaseWorthy Inc.
Using CaseWorthy’s Case Management Software, health centers can extend services to other providers in their community to complete their continuum of care and help reduce return visits. Refer a client to a community provider such as drug & alcohol counseling, meals, shelters, etc. all from one system! Our outcomes-focused, organization-wide, advanced case management software will automate and simplify the data management, so you can prove your evidence of social impact in the communities you serve!


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