How Nonprofits Cleanse Data and Prevent Data Duplication

From maintaining client records and program data to reporting on outcomes, many nonprofits rely heavily on software to organize and aggregate data.

But even with the right software solution in place, data mistakes can still happen. Sometimes data slips are due to incomplete entries. In other cases, client records are duplicated. Deduplicating these copies protects data integrity and security, reduces storage capacity needs, and improves data accuracy.

Clean, accurate data is also critical to securing and sustaining funding. Human services nonprofits that rely on public funding streams often need to deliver regular reports to their funding agencies. These reports help the government evaluate systematic outcomes across a wider geographical area or care sector, and make data-informed decisions about where taxpayers’ dollars should be spent.

Thankfully, with a few key steps, human services nonprofits can cleanse their data and prevent duplicates down the road.

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