Letter from the President – It matters what we say!

As we embark on the final three months of this political roller coaster, one thing is very apparent; change for vendors like CaseWorthy, Inc. or service providers is coming. We have had eight years of similar policies but every new regime creates some concern about how it will affect funding going forward.  Regardless of the incoming party, we will need to learn the strategies that best position our market to continue offering needed services in our communities. It is very important for CaseWorthy to be a steward in our market and offer advice to service providers on trends across the country.  Two areas of focus will be possible alternative funding sources and new ways to measure goals and outcomes based on what funders are currently requiring.

As a personal point of view, “it matters what we say” is my quote for the day.  As a vendor, how and what we say to clients is critical for our success.  Our word, when responding to our clients, is our bond and that holds true with anything in life.  How we speak to our children, our spouses or our parents truly does matter. It demonstrates our unfiltered feelings and that is priceless.  As we march toward November we need to pay close attention to both candidates as to what and how they say things.  Their unfiltered responses matter most…..  Consistently backtracking over and over again days after the initial comments should be something we all need to weigh in on.

In closing, we remain very excited on the future for both vendors and providers serving the social service market.  Change allows the nimble and well run organizations to better themselves in the future.  To self-analyze what has and has not worked in the past is critical.  At CaseWorthy we look forward to the challenges that lie before us.

-Scott T. Argeris 


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