National Volunteer Week 2022

This past week, President Biden addressed the American people, calling us to volunteer for service projects in our communities and incorporate volunteering into our daily lives. This week (April 17-23) is National Volunteer Week, and we encourage everyone to take time out of their week to plugin with an organization in their community. Of course, we hope you will do so with a human services organization. (Although we may be a little biased!)

National Volunteer Week 2022

There are several ways to get involved:
  • Senior Care
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Services for Veterans & Their Families
  • Mentoring or Educating our Youth
  • Feeding the Hungry
  • Sheltering the Homeless

What’s not as often discussed are the benefits of volunteering. In addition to the joy of giving back, volunteers build new skillsets, become more involved in their community, and therefore, build new relationships both personally and professionally.

Volunteers contribute to the general health and safety of our communities. The role they play makes us stronger and more united as a nation. Wherever you choose to contribute this week, know that the work you do makes a difference.

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