Nonprofits to the Rescue Providing Baby Formula to Parents in Need

Amid the countless reports of parents desperately hunting for baby formula, we are seeing several accounts covering the positive impact nonprofits are making.

Nonprofits who serve families in need are feeling many of the same strains as parents when it comes to getting their hands on baby formula. The free baby formula they provide now comes with the disclaimer of “while supplies last.”

Despite these struggles, nonprofits, their partner organizations, and their communities are banding together to ensure these families get the assistance they need. Organizations like Seasons of Change in north Texas, WeeCycle in North Carolina, and A Caring Place in Ohio are a few examples of the countless organizations in the news these past few weeks.

When tragedy strikes, we continuously see nonprofits leading the charge to find solutions. Today, we want to recognize and take our hats off to all of these great organizations and the brave families they serve.

Parents Feeding Child with Baby Formula

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