Revolutionizing Case Management with AI: CaseWorthy Leads the Charge 

ai-in-case-managementWhat Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is technology that models, or even improves upon, the capabilities of the human mind.  You may have seen AI on retail sites through Chatbots, facial recognition in the airport, or even if you drive an autonomous vehicle.  But AI isn’t limited to the use cases of fancy products or a tailored retail experience but, can, and should, be used for the greater good of our communities in a transformative and secure way. 

Artificial Intelligence in Community-Based Services

The National Association of Social Workers has noted AI as an emerging area of practice in Human Services, allowing case management databases “to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as learning from experience, reasoning, problem-solving and understanding natural language.”1 These tools can support an already high-caseload and low-resourced team of caseworkers to maintain, or even elevate, the amount and quality of support for their clients. 

Innovatively Approach Provision of Services in Your Community

Believe it or not, AI is seen more and more across HHS and HCBS organizations and the need for tools that offer this type of technology is become high demand; allowing leaders and boards to make long term, programmatic, data-informed decisions and caseworkers to make client service decisions on the spot.  Overall, it allows human service professionals to better assist vulnerable people.  “AI is being used to conduct risk assessments, assist people in crisis, strengthen prevention efforts, identify systemic biases in the delivery of social services, provide social work education, and predict social worker burnout and service outcomes, among other uses.”2    

At CaseWorthy, we believe in the transformative power of data. That’s why we’re making a strategic investment in data-centricity and AI to empower Health and Human Services (HHS) and Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) organizations.

CaseWorthy takes a visionary approach to data-informed case management — caseworkers and human services leaders alike will be able to propel action proactively, putting their clients on a faster path to achieve their desired outcomes.

ai-caseworthyThe Future of Case Management is Here:

Imagine technology that:

  • Analyzes the client journey, uncovering hidden trends and impact on communities.
  • Powers proactive service planning, enabling organizations to intervene before issues arise.
  • Generates insights that go beyond basic data, revealing the true difference you make.
  • Eliminates data silos and time-consuming data analysis.

This is the future CaseWorthy is building.

By unlocking the power of data and AI, we empower HHS and HCBS organizations to:

  • Make data-driven decisions at all levels.
  • Maximize their impact on the communities they serve.
  • Gain new insights into complex individual and familial problems.
  • Tell their story with the power of evidence.
  • Solve organizational mission challenges.

We’re ushering in a revolutionary era in case management. Are you ready to join the movement?

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