AUSTIN, TX: The Settlement Home for Children partners with CaseWorthy, Inc. for the Outcomes data management of their suite of Residential, Transitional Living and Foster Care and Adoption programs and services.

2016 is proving to be a very exciting year for The Settlement Home for Children in Austin, Texas. Not only are they celebrating their 100th year enriching and positively changing the lives of the children they serve but they recently announced the selection of CaseWorthy, Inc. as their comprehensive, Advanced Case Management database solution for their diverse programs and services listed below…

  • Residential Treatment Center and Therapeutic Group Home Program, which provide intensive therapeutic intervention for residents who have experienced severe emotional trauma, abuse and neglect.
  • Transitional (Independent) Living Program, which supports young women in efficiency apartments while they pursue independence through higher education and work experience.
  • Foster Care and Adoption Program, which involves relationship matching that helps foster and adoptive parents and the children in their care form long-term, nurturing, healing and healthy relationships.

The software selection process included the entire Settlement Home staff. This tedious process required all of their tireless dedication over a period of months.  A special thank you to Darcie, Jacob, Benjamin and William for their forward-thinking vision, extra time and dedication to excellence.

About The Settlement Home: – The Settlement Home’s mission is to promote healing and growth in children, young adults and families by providing a continuum of care, support and resources.  We serve individuals with histories of severe trauma, abuse and neglect.  We have changed lives for good for over 100 years and look forward to continuing to do so for the next century.

About CaseWorthy, Inc.:

www. CaseWorthy™ is an Outcomes-focused, Organization-wide, Advanced Case Management software solution for Nonprofits and Health and Human Social Services (HHS) agencies that automates and simplifies the data management and funder compliance process enabling agencies to prove their evidence of social impact in the communities they serve.


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