CaseWorthy Leads Social Services Technology Industry with Version 8.0 Release

CaseWorthy continues to serve nationwide as an innovative and efficient case management solution. The Version 8.0 Release adds a wealth of new functionality and enhancements to a product that has empowered many organizations to realize their missions.  New features include the ability to sync calendars to outlook, interface with MailChimp, check clients for duplication and much more.

Click here to view a comprehensive summary of the CaseWorthy Version 8.0 Release.

We are also excited to announce our new CaseBot Reporting feature included with this release! CaseBot is a fully integrated self-service Business Intelligence Tool that puts the reporting power back into your hands. Access your data in real-time, set up advanced data queries, and create reports that reveal key insights into your business.

CaseWorthy supports the nation’s most progressive human service agencies from singular organizations to building community-wide solutions.


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