AgeWell Services of West Michigan

Enhanced Reporting and Projection Across All Programs

AgeWell Services of West MichiganThe Challenge

AgeWell Services of West Michigan is a private 501 (c)(3) nonprofit providing services to those aged 60 and over in Muskegon, Oceana, and Ottawa counties. Their programs and partnerships help keep older adults healthy and active through good meals, fitness and creative classes, learning opportunities, rides to medical appointments, and spaces to connect with friends old and new.

AgeWell Services of West Michigan faced several operational challenges in efficiently managing their programs, notably the Meals on Wheels initiative and Lunch and Activity Centers (congregate program). Key issues included cumbersome reporting processes, lack of centralized data analysis, and outdated paper-based systems for route planning and participant sign-ins. These challenges hindered the organization’s ability to make informed decisions, project future goals, and deliver services effectively.

ServTracker has helped our organization become much more efficient and effective with reporting and projecting for all of our programs. If we cannot locate a canned report from the wide array available, we are able to run queries that meet our needs. We've been able to get excellent data for our monthly meals meeting where we have a complete dashboard that helps us determine and project goals for future months and years.
— Mission Services Senior Manager

How We Helped

Improved Reporting and Projection

ServTracker provided the organization with a comprehensive solution to enhance reporting and projection across all programs. With access to a wide array of canned reports and robust query capabilities, the organization could efficiently retrieve relevant data. They utilized ServTracker's customizable reporting tools to generate insightful dashboards for their monthly meals meeting, aiding in the determination and projection of goals for future periods.

Reduced Paper Consumption and Streamlined Operations

By implementing ServTracker's mobile meals application for the Meals on Wheels program and ServTracker Touch at Lunch and Activity Centers, the organization significantly reduced paper consumption and streamlined operations. The mobile meals application allowed drivers to efficiently manage meal deliveries, complete meal maintenance tasks, and communicate real-time changes or safety concerns directly within the system. Likewise, ServTracker Touch simplified sign-in processes at Lunch and Activity Centers, eliminating the need for traditional paper-based methods. Despite initial apprehension, participants found the transition to touch-screen sign-ins remarkably easy, easing implementation and improving overall efficiency.

Enhanced Communication and Real-Time Tracking

ServTracker facilitated enhanced communication and real-time tracking between drivers, intake teams, and participants. Through features such as real-time chat and participant profile comments, drivers could efficiently communicate changes in participant conditions or safety concerns, while intake teams could track driver locations and communicate with participants regarding route updates or delays. This improved communication flow streamlined operations and enhanced participant satisfaction.

Simplified Implementation and User-Friendly Interface

The simplicity of ServTracker Touch's user interface made it easy to roll out at Lunch and Activity Centers. Despite initial apprehension from participants about transitioning to touch-screen sign-ins, the straightforward design and user-friendly interface of ServTracker Touch garnered positive feedback, with participants expressing surprise at the ease of use. This simplified implementation process contributed to a smooth transition and improved user acceptance. In conclusion, by leveraging ServTracker's comprehensive features, the organization successfully addressed their operational challenges, improved efficiency, and enhanced participant satisfaction. ServTracker's intuitive interface, real-time communication capabilities, and streamlined reporting tools have enabled the organization to deliver services more effectively while meeting the unique needs of their programs.


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