CAPAI Fighting Poverty in Idaho

CAPAI Moves Toward a Whole Family Approach with a Universal Intake

The Challenge

Like many human services agencies, CAPAI struggled to efficiently manage program data coming in from community action partners (CAPs) across the state.

Employees had to enter the client information into the existing system and then re-enter that same information in the Department of Health and Welfare database to submit and process payments. In addition, reporting was cumbersome since it required pulling data from multiple databases, manually entering it in a spreadsheet, and removing duplicates to get accurate numbers.

CAPAI Fighting Poverty in Idaho
CaseWorthy reduced double entry and greatly improved efficiencies for the end users entering applications. Not only that, but recipients of the LIHEAP benefits received their checks within seven business days instead of fourteen business days.
Tawnya Clark
CSBG Programs Manager

How We Helped

Program Tracking

CAPAI partnered with CaseWorthy to implement a case management solution that collects, tracks, and reports on data from multiple programs, including Community Services Block Grant (CSBG), LIHEAP and LIRAP, and the Emergency Food Assistance Program. All data is housed in one, secure database, offering case workers at agencies across Idaho a more complete and accurate view of the people who need their help and the services being provided.

Integrated Systems

Because CaseWorthy is integrated with the Department of Health and Welfare database, payment processing for LIHEAP is now much more efficient. Linking the two systems has streamlined the entire process and saved valuable time.

Universal Intake

Thanks to a central database, CAPAI and partner agencies now have the ability to securely share important information with each other to better coordinate efforts. CaseWorthy and CAPAI have designed a universal intake workflow which enables CAPAI to efficiently capture and store not only basic demographic data, but also program-specific information.

Built-in referrals allow case workers to send emails to staff at different agencies about enrolling individuals for the services they’re eligible for, whether that’s helping them get a bus pass or get into an education or an employment program.

One manager said she used to spend two full weeks on the CSBG annual reports. Now, with CaseWorthy, the report is down to two business days or less because she basically just has to push a button and fill in the blanks. I heard similar feedback from other managers that it’s just a game changer.
Tawnya Clark
CSBG Programs Manager

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