Case Study – Community Council of St. Charles County

Staying HIMS Compliant Today and Into Tomorrow

For more than 60 years, the Community Council of St. Charles County has focused on improving human services in the tri-county region of St. Charles, Lincoln and Warren, Missouri. This unique partnership brings together organizations from all sectors – nonprofits, government, education, healthcare – to address homelessness, hunger, and affordable housing in the community.

Over time the organization’s existing database was unable to keep up with HMIS compliance or to coordinate intake and assessment processes between the different agencies. 

We’re experienced in human services, but less so in technical knowledge. We were very much novices when it came to technology. CaseWorthy helped us become system administrators. The software offered a really strong “out of the box” baseline case management system. And, as for HUD compliance – CaseWorthy takes care of all that.
— Dottie Kastigar
Director of Fragile Families Initiative

How CaseWorthy Helped

Accurate Data

Better access to accurate data made it easier for the Council to produce data quality and program performance reports, and put the organization squarely back on track with compliance reporting. Now managers can also filter the exact information they need to create custom reports. Data can be exported, or users can create a number of charts and graphs to prove outcomes. Most reports – APRs, ESG, CAPER – are available at the touch of a button. And reports are configurable by role, meaning that individuals can only see data relevant to their roles within the organization displayed on the dashboard.

Customizable Worklows

The CaseWorthy application gave the Council the flexibility to customize not only dashboard screens, but also workflows. “This ability to simplify [workflow] processes for our smaller agencies will go a long way in ensuring they use the application,” stated Mary Hutchison, Executive Director of the Community Council.

Coordinated Intake

Shared intake and assessment tools via a central web portal empowers service providers across the community with 24/7 access to the information and resources they need anytime. All the data is all securely stored in a single database, making it easier for everyone to work together to meet common goals.

We gained a lot more than a basic case management system. Our Community selected CaseWorthy for its user-friendly interface, secure data platform, and affordable cost. The baseline CaseWorthy product is fully “built out” with hundreds of features and capabilities.
— Dottie Kastigar
Director of Fragile Families Initiative

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